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Community Kitchen

Supported by the Sequoia Community Kitchen Fund, the VCAM Community Kitchen is open to faculty, staff, and students interested in organizing course projects, workshops, or other public programming around food.

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CRAFT”s CRAFT grant for arts and technology supports the College”s commitment to visual and media literacy and creativity across the curriculum. The grant catalyzes new curricular opportunities for interdisciplinary faculty and staff hires, arts program expansion, and technological innovation.


Create Space Program

Supported by the Malcolm Baldwin 1962 Fund, the VCAM Create Space Program invites students and faculty to create projects that incorporate installation, performance, video, archival research, digital pedagogy and other modes of making and display.


Faculty Fellowships

VCAM houses a rotating group of faculty engaged with visual culture, arts, and media projects. Fellows have offices in the facility and receive funding to support their research, visiting scholars, screenings, exhibitions, and other projects in VCAM.



VCAM features a number of facilities and initiatives supporting film and media work by students and faculty.


Maker Arts Space

The Maker Arts Space offers digital fabrication and traditional craft opportunities for students, staff, and faculty. Through coursework, workshops, and studio hours, the lab serves as a place of experimentation and collaboration with an emphasis in learning new technologies to empower participants to design, make, prototype, and build across the disciplines.


VCAM Philadelphia Artist-in-Residence Program

The VCAM Philadelphia Artist-in-Residence Program hosts Philadelphia and area artists for creative exchanges with the community. Based in the College’s VCAM Artist Residency Studio, these artists will engage with the campus through curricular collaborations, workshops, exhibitions, trips to Philadelphia cultural sites, and other projects.

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Philadelphia Artist-in-Residence Program

* Innovations Program (HIP)

Housed in the VCAM epicenter, Innovations Program (HIP) encourages and supports creative and strategic thinking around a problem, a need, a question, or simply an interest – that when fostered presents new solutions and opportunities for entrepreneurial projects and paths of learning.

HIP provides grants, structured-learning, and a meeting and ideation space that enables students, faculty, and alumni to collaborate with each other around their passions and interests, while providing the support necessary to bring their projects to life, benefitting their greater community. Innovations Program


The Interdisciplinary Minor in Visual Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Visual Studies invites students to investigate their place in a global system of images and to make images, objects, and digital artifacts with critical awareness. Additionally, the program trains students in interdisciplinary rigor and encourages them to examine the relationship between the visual and various structures of power.

Located in VCAM, Visual Studies links elements of the curriculum, campus, and broader community, highlighting the intersections between courses, faculty, students, departments, and Centers engaging the visual.

Visual Studies Minor


The John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities (HCAH)

The Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities supports the intellectual and artistic ambitions of faculty, students, and staff. Housed in the VCAM, the Center fosters collaboration, experimentation, and critical thought through seminars, symposia, research and curricular support, working and reading groups, arts and performance residencies, exhibitions, and visual culture programming. Our initiatives reach beyond the local and familiar to connect with diverse communities of writers, artists, scholars, and performers, and with thinkers and activists of all kinds.

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The HCAH has a deep commitment to the arts and coordinates the Tuttle Creative Programs, the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, and the Campus Exhibitions Program. Through vigorous inquiry and innovative artistic practice, the Hurford Center works across the campus to cultivate interdisciplinary connections between humanistic endeavors and ethical currents in the wider public.

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