Tải Dosbox 0.74 – Dosbox, An X86 Emulator With Dos

Latest version: 0.74-3

Click here to download bocdau.com 0.74-3 for your Operating System, or to support us with a donation:


Looking for a different version, a frontend or a translation?Here”s a full list of files:

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Mac OS X 0.74-3-3 dmg (Universal)
Windows 0.74-3 Win32 installer
Fedora 0.74-3 rpm
Source 0.74-3 Source
Debian 0.74-3 deb
FreeBSD package 0.74-2 ports
RISC OS 0.74-2 zip
Gentoo Linux 0.74 portage
OS/2 0.74 exe (OS2)
Solaris 10 – sparc 0.73 pkg
BeOS 0.63 binary (x86)
Old bocdau.com versions 0.50-0.74-2 source + binary(x86)

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bocdau.comfront 4.1 Frontend for OS/2
DosBlaster 3.0 Frontend in .NET
Dapplegrey 2.3 Frontend for Mac OS X(Universal)
ProGammaX 2.2 Frontend in .Net
D.O.G 1.53 Frontend for windows
DOSShell 1.4 Frontend for windows
AmpShell Frontend in .NET
DosPanel 1.1 Frontend for windows
Launchbox 1.1 Frontend for windows
Radnor 1.0 Frontend for Mac OS X
bocdau.comer 1.0 Win,Linux,Mac OS X frontend
Jamyda 1.0 Frontend in java
bocdau.com Game Launcher 0.83 (0.74-3 compat) Frontend in java
bocdau.com Gui 0.7 Frontend for Zeta
Boxer 0.65a Frontend for Mac OS X
bocdau.comGui 0.5.3 Frontend written in Tcl/Tk
Petit bocdau.com 0.4 Frontend for Mac OS X
Robybocdau.com 0.3 Frontend for windows
DBoxFE 0.1.3 Frontend for Linux/Windows
D-Fend Reloaded 0.1.1 Frontend for windows
DBFrontend Frontend for windows

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Danish languagefile+Readme 0.74-3 Danish file
French Languagefile 0.74-3 French file
German languagefile+Readme 0.74 German file
Italian languagefile + Readme 0.74 Italian file
Portuguese /BR languagefile 0.74 Portuguese file
Russian languagefile+ Readme 0.74 Russian file
Spanish languagefile+Readme 0.74 Spanish file
Turkish languagefile 0.74 Turkish file
Korean Readme 0.74 Korean file
Dutch Languagefile 0.74 Dutch file
Polish languagefile 0.73 Polish file
Korean languagefile+Readme 0.72 Korean file
Hungarian languagefile 0.72 Hungarian file
Czech languagefile 0.72 Czech file
Persian Readme 0.72 Persian file
Finnish languagefile 0.70 Finnish file
Norwegian Languagefile 0.63 Norwegian file

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