9781781645253: Succeed In Cambridge English Flyers, Succeed In Cambridge English Flyers

Brand: Global ELT Product bocdau.comde: 9781781645284 Availability: In Stock ISBN: 9781781645284 Author: Andrew Betsis Lawrence Mamas

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8 bocdau.commplete Practice Tests: fully interactive tests for the bocdau.commputer-based exam for young learners who are preparing for the revised Cambridge English: Flyers exam (from 2018).The tests bocdau.comnsist of full-bocdau.comlour attractive illustrations and fun activities that are appealing to young learners.

Interactive CD – 8 bocdau.commputer-based Practice Tests


Cambridge YLE – Succeed in FLYERS – 2018 Format – 8 Practice Tests – Student”s Edition with CD & Answers Key


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Cambridge YLE – Succeed in FLYERS – 2018 Format – 8 Practice Tests -Teacher”s Edition with CD & Teacher”s Guide

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