Solutions: Intermediate: Teacher'S Book And Cd, Teachers Book Solutions Intermediate

Welcome to the Solutions Teacher”s Site, which offers you materials for Solutions First Edition, Solutions Second Edition and Solutions Third Editionto download and use in the classroom, as well as useful information aboutthe series.

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Get Started with Solutions Third Edition

Use the step-by-step guidance, digital tools support, and course methodology training to help you get started.

‘How to’ Guides for Professional Development

Get helpful suggestions for ways of improving your teaching.

Workbook keys

Download the Solutions Workbook keys for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

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Tests 3rd Edition

To download the Solutions 3rd Edition course tests and audio, go to and use the level codes on your access card.

Solutions Wordlists 2nd and 3rd Edition

Solutions 2nd and 3rd Edition Wordlists, with lexical items, phonetic transcriptions and key phrases.

Solutions Advanced Grammar Builder and Vocabulary Builder answer keys 2nd Edition

Download the answer keys for Solutions Advanced Grammar Builder and Vocabulary Builder for 2nd Edition.

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Warmers and Fillers 2nd Edition

Ideas for short revision activities you could do at the start or end of a class, or give to students to do themselves.

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This title has an accompanying app for use on smartphones, as part of our range of English language teaching and learning apps.

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