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Entered Feb 2014. The Herbarium of Da Lat University (DLU) is one of the largest herbaria in Plateau of Vietnam, with over 6.000 sheets of vascular plants from around Vietnam. And emphasis is on plants from Plateau. Graduate and undergraduate students use herbarium material to identify plants and determine plant locations. Tours are conducted for numerous school groups, and other organizations. In addition, the collection grows steadily through local field work and donated material; and students at DLU, especially those involved with floristic work, deposit their voucher sets for their projects at the Herbarium.

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Number of Specimens


Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
Seed Plants

Updated Important Collectors

H. T. Binh, N. D. Chinh, L. B. Dung, L. V. Dung, L. V. Ngoc, N. V. Ngoc, T. B. Nguyen, T. V. Tien, N. V. Tiep

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Herbarium Hours:Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Weekends and holidays: Closed

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