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There are many different kinds of drivers but they all do basically the same thing: create sound waves. By far the most common type of driver is the moving coil electrodynamic piston driver. It has a moving part called a diaphragm that acts like a piston to pump air and thereby create sound waves. A common diaphragm for a tweeter is a fabric dome. Drivers come in different sizes because it is nearly impossible to make one piston driver that can reproduce sound waves over the entire 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range of human hearing….


The output of a loudspeaker is difficult to measure because it has to be done with a microphone. Measurement microphones are usually omnidirectional which means that they pick up, not only the output from the loudspeaker, but also any background noise and sound reflected from objects around the loudspeaker…..


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When talking about acoustics, we generally talk about the propagation of sound waves in rooms. The relevant parameters for this are reflections and reverberation time, experienced in practice as a “dry”, to a “reverberant” acoustics and all possible variations in between. Depending on their use, rooms must therefore have certain acoustic properties in order to function acoustically. This is basically true for all rooms and is unfortunately often underestimated topic.


This part of the website is still under construction. Here I want to publish electronic projects from me … Here three of my projects Projects


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Here you find more then 110 calculators to calculate Loudspeakers, Crossovers, Acustics, Electronics and other…

Musical and technical accuracy—how good? How close is the loudspeaker to reproducing an overall sound that will convince its listeners they”re in the presence of live sounds?

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