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Employment Law

We provide advice and services to employers and employees concerning terminations, personnel policies, workers’ compensation issues, and other employment issues. For example, we have an active practice representing employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their employment, and have handled a number of cases involving issues concerning teachers and university professors. Roger Kohn is currently President of the Vermont Employment Lawyers Association, and is one of Vermont’s leading employment law authorities. He has taught numerous seminars, and is the author of a two-part article on Vermont employment law, entitled A Review of Vermont Employment Termination Law – Cautious Correction to the Abuse of the Employment-at-Will Doctrine published in the February and April, 1993 issues of the Vermont Bar Association Journal & Law Digest. He followed this review of Vermont employment law with an article entitled Vermont Employment Termination Law Updated, published in the December, 1997 issue of the Vermont Bar Association Journal & Law Digest. He is also the author of Tort Theories in Wrongful Termination Cases (1994).   Beth Danon is an experienced employment law attorney, representing individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Beth is the author of a number of articles on employment and disability law. Beth is a Director and long-time member of the Vermont Employment Lawyers Association. Beth also represents nurses and other professionals in professional licensing disputes. For a review of Vermont Labor Relations Law for unionized employees, click here (this is .pdf file and will take some time to load). (Back to Practice Areas)

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Our Attorneys:

Kohn Rath Danon Scharf Jarvis & Modun is a Vermont law firm located in the Town of Hinesburg, providing a broad and comprehensive array of legal services to our clients. Our attorneys have experience in many practice areas of the law. (Click on the name of a team member for additional information)

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Roger E. KohnPartner – Former President of the Chittenden County Bar Association


David RathPartner


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Beth A. DanonPartner – Former President of the Vermont Association for Justice (the Vermont Trial Lawyers Association)

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