Sách Bài Tập Tiếng Anh 6 Luu Hoang Tri, Đáp Án Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 Lưu Hoằng Trí

Key bài tập tiếng anh lớp 7 thí điểm lưu hoằng trí, Key bài tập tiếng anh lớp 6 thí điểm lưu hoằng trí

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LÖU HOAÈNG TRÍUnit 1A. PHONETICS/6$/don”t; homework; only; home; notebook;rode; post; overseas; go; poem; borrow;video; lower/^/Monday; month; some; love; come; club;hungry; lunch; subject; study; rubber; one;mum; other; wonderful; Sunday; countryB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. basketball; football; volleyball; badminton; pop music; the piano; the guitardo: drawing; painting; homework; judo; exercisehave: breakfast; lunch; dinnerstudy: Maths; Science; English; Physics; lessons; History; Geography; vocabulary;VietnameseII.A/ Art: Mỹ thuật; English: Tiếng Anh; Geography: Địa lí; History: Lịch sử; Maths: Toán;Music: Âm nhạc; PE (Physical Education): Thể dục (Giáo dục Thể chất); Science: Khoahọc; ICT (Information and Communication Technology): Công nghệ Thông tin.III.1. teacher2. desk3. ruler4. pen5. rubber6. student7. pencil case8. calculator9. book10. chairIV.1. student2. monitor3. notebook4. pen5. pencil6. desk7. dictionary8. teacher9. blackboard 10. rubber11. ruler12. textbook13. school bag14. chair15. pencil caseV.1. notebook2. calculator3. rubber4. school bag5. compass6. bicycle7. ruler8. pencil case9. pencil10. textbooksharpenerVI.1. watching2. listening3. swimming4. going5. having6. skipping7. riding8. sittingVII.1. the dog’s swimming2. I’m reading3. She’s enjoying4. They’re playing5. You’re doing6. are skipping7. They’re studying8. Someone’s knockingVIII.1. is2. are3. are4. am5. am6. isIX.1. is playing2. Is…having3. aren’t watching4. are…listening5. am reading6. is…speakingX.1. I love doing my homework.2. They like going to the cinema.3. We don’t like watching TV.4. My sister doesn’t like reading magazines.5. My dad enjoys listening to country music.6. They enjoy taking photos on holiday.BAØI TAÄP TIEÁNG ANH6(THEO CHÖÔNG TRÌNH THÍ ÑIEÅM 2015)PEARSONTaøi lieäu phaùt mieãn phí, khoâng baùnNHAØ XUAÁT BAÛN ÑAÏI HOÏC SÖ PHAÏM TP. HOÀ CHÍ MINH12XI.1. He isn’t doing his homework.2. They aren’t playing tennis.3. Linda isn’t having breakfast now.4. Steve isn’t sleeping.5. We aren’t listening to the teacher.6. It isn’t raining.7. The students aren’t doing morning exercises. 8. She isn’t interviewing some students.XII.1. plays2. play3. help4. helps5. have6. go7. goes8. goesXIII.1. doesn’t speak 2. don’t understand 3. doesn’t help4. don’t borrow 5. don’t playXIV.1. e2. f3. c4. a5. b6. dXV.1. d2. a3. b4. f5. e6. cXVI.1. visit2. like3. is having4. is riding5. go6. watch7. are playing8. are9. play10. does… dospeaking11. don’t understand 12. Do…likeC. SPEAKINGI.A. 1. Hello2. HowB. 1. This is 2. Hello/ HiC. 1. meet2. HelloIII.1. A: the film2. A: pop music3. you4. fine3. Hello/ Hi3. Nice 4. from5. thank you/ thanks6. Fine5. in8. happy6. in7. newB: the cartoonB: rock musicD. READINGI.1. True2. False3. TrueII.1. doing homework2. isn’t5. Steve6. doesn’t know4. False3. 8693 22105. False6. True4. next weekendE. WRITINGI. Binh Khiem Primary School is in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.It has 36 classes with over 800 students.The school is having a contest called “Students Love Science”.180 second, third, fourth graders enter the contest.The school makes each school day (become) an exciting day for the students.We try to arrive on time for school and lessons.We work hard, and allow others to do the same.We try to be polite to teachers, each other, and visitors.We follow the instructions from the teachers.We wear the school uniform when we come to school.We keep the school buildings and grounds clean and tidy.We have good behavior all the time.38.9.10.III. don’t take food or drinks into classrooms.We don’t use mobile phones inside the school buildings.We don’t smoke at school or at home.We have good teachers, and they help students get interested in the subject.We have both outdoor and indoor activities.Students try to be active.Students learn both the theory and the practice in all subjects.Students use tablets instead of books.A good canteen supply healthy food.A good library helps develop talents of students.Students use sport facilities in free time.TEST (UNIT 1)1. D 2. B3. D4. C 5. A6. C7. C8. B9. D11. B 12. A13. B14. A 15. C16. B17. A18. C19. D21. B 22. C23. A24. C 25. B26. A27. C28. C29. C31. do 32. Are 33. Does 34. do 35. am36. is37. are38. have39. is40. do41. Tell42. playground 43. excited44. uniform45. compass46. ride47. build/ open 48. starts/ begins 49. quiet50. with51. d52. j53. b54. a55. f56. c57. e58. d59. h60. i61. How do you go to school, Jack?62. to school63. What’s your favourite subject?64. What do you usually do at break time?65. When/ What time do you go home every day?66. What do you usually do after school?67. Do you remember all your new classmates’ names?68. Do you often help them?69. How much do you have pocket money?/ Do you have much pocket money?70. Are you hungry?71. They often do morning exercise.72. Nam plays football for the school team.73. My sister plays piano at weekends.74. I study Maths, English, and History75. We eat lunch at the school canteen at lunch time.76. We read books (and magazines) at the school library at break time.77. I wear uniform to school every day.78. Today Mai is not (isn’t) wearing her uniform.79. I am excited about the first day at school.80. Susan’s favourite teacher is Science teacher.410. C20. D30. BV.1. There are2. Is there3. There isn’t4. There are5. Are there6. There aren’tVII.1. There’s2. There are3. There’s4. There’s5. There are6. There are7. There’s8. There areVIII. 1. There’s2. There are3. Is there4. Are there5. there isIX.1. “Is there a TV in your room?”2. “Is there a car in the garage?”– “No, there is.”– “Yes, there is.”3. “Are there two beds in your room?”4. “Is there a sofa in your living room?”– “No, there aren’t.”– “Yes, there is.”5. “Are there a lot of books in your bedroom?”– “Yes, there are.”6. “Is there a hall in your house?”– “Yes, there is.”7. “Are there a lot of sandwiches in the kitchen?”– “No, there aren’t.”8. “Are there a lot of tables and chairs in your classroom?”– “Yes, there are.”X. 1, 4: 2. Da Lat is a beautiful city.3. There are two good actors in the film.5. There are six books on my desk.XI.1. “Are there five DVDs on the table?” – “No, there aren’t. There are only three.”2. “Is there a man in the garden?” – “No, there isn’t. There is a woman.”3. “Are there six books in that bag?” – “No, there aren’t. There are seven.”4. “Are there lots of cars in the street?” – “No, there aren’t. There is only one car.”5. “Are there thirty children in your class?” – “No, there aren’t. There are thirty-five.”XII.1. There’s a big TV.2. Ha Noi is a beautiful city.3. Mai is a new student.4. He is a good friend.5. It’s a friendly dog.6. There are ten small desks.7. There are four new cars.8. There are green fields.9. There are two big pizzas.10. There is a new DVD player.XIII.1. in2. On3. in4. in5. On6. on7. on8. in9. at10. atUnit 2A. PHONETICS/s/doesgets upgoeshasliveslooksplaysstartsfinishesmissesspeaksteacheswritesthinkswatcheswashessingswalkssitsmovesroomshouseschairsatticsdesksbuildingsapartmentschestslaptopsclocks/z//1z/B. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. kitchenII.2. bedroom3. living room4. bathroom5. garageinatonyour bag; my desk; Spain;school; work; home; a partythe shelves; my desk; thethe fridge; my bedroomwall; the floorIII. 1. in2. on3. under4. in front of5. next to 6. above7. between8. behindIV.4 wardrobe15 fridge8 sink16 radiator1 bed14 cooker9 cupboard7 sofa12 table5 armchair6 carpet10 curtain11 chair2 bedside table13 rug3 lampC. SPEAKINGI.A: Do you have any posters on your bedroom?B: Yes, I do. Lots. My favourite is the poster of Brad Pitt.A: Yeah, he’s great. He has fair hair and green eyes – wonderful!B: And have you got posters in your room?A: One or two. My favourite is an old Arsenal poster.B: Theo Walcott is in it!A: Oh? Why?II. 1. watching2. going3. doing4. writing565. helpingD. READINGI.1. There are2. There’s3. There’s4. There are5. There’s no6. There are no7. There’s8. There areII.1. b2. d3. h4. a5. c6. g7. f8. eIII.1. No2. Yes3. No4. No5. Yes6. Yes7. No 8. YesIV.NameKind of house Name of home Number of roomsThe Claysa houseboatFargo7The Stones a tree houseMy Place1True/ False1. False2. False3. True4. False5. FalseE. WRITINGI.1. There is a bed in the corner of the room.2. The shelves are above the closet.3. The wardrobe is in the center of the room. 4. The table is between the two chairs.5. The lamp is next to the bed.6. The table is on the right of the wardrobe.7. There are some pictures on the wall.8. There is a window on the left-side of the room.9. The bed is opposite the door.10. There are some bottles on the shelf.TEST (UNIT 2)1. B2. A3. C4. A5. A6. A7. D8. B9. D10. C11. C12. C13. B14. A15. D16. B17. A18. D19. A20. B21. C22. A23. D24. B25. C26. B27. D28. A29. D30. B31. C32. A33. A34. D35. A36. are37. do38. are 39. are40. does41. Do 42. isn”t 43. aren”t 44. Where 45. do46. next 47. in48. on49. in50. in51. The kitchen has many chairs.52. Nam doesn’t live in the country.53. I live in a family with four members: my parents, my brother and me.54. The picture is behind the television.55. I only watch TV in the living room.56. What’s your new bedroom like, Kate?57. Is there a bookshelf?58. No, there isn’t.59. What else is there?60. on it there’s a computer61. A62. B63. A64. D65. A66. C 67. B 68. A69. C70. B71. F72. NM 73. T74. F75. F76. Mai is my best friend at school.77. She loves reading and writing short stories.78. We often do homework together and she helps me a lot.79. She knows a lot about history and we chat about it for hours.80. Tomorrow, we watch/ are watching a new film on the Disney channel together.7Unit 3A. PHONETICSbrown, black, blue, blonde, big, beautiful, bit, book, board, bear, bean, butter, bread,breakfast, begin, become, bring, baseball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, bee, baby, bus,library, librarian, biking, bedroom, behind, between, but, blank, subject.people, person, peanut, pig, pizza, popcorn, picnic, picture, party, park, paper, sport, play,pretty, lip, parents, grandparents, pen, pencil, compass, cap, space, respect, shopping, help,happy, project, appropriate, stamp, experiment, computer.B. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. Alison2. Frederick3. Barbara4. Roger5. Marion6. Paul7. Anita8. PeterII.1. I have black hair.2. Mrs. Huyen has round and black eyes.3. He has blue eyes.4. She has chubby cheeks.5. Miss Huong has a round face.6. Miss Thanh has long legs.III.1. has2. Is – is3. has4. is5. is – is6. are7. are8. areIV.1. is2. wears3. has4. is5. is6. wears7. has8. is9. is10. wear11. has12. is13. is14. has15. isV.1. e2. b3. d4. c5. aVI.1. boring2. clever3. kind4. hard-working5. confident6. friendly7. shy8. talkative9. funny10. creativeVII.1. They aren’t coming to London on Monday.2. He isn’t finishing work tomorrow.3. She is spending her next holiday at home.4. He isn’t leaving for Ha Noi tomorrow.5. We aren’t going out tonight.VIII.2. Are you playing in the next game? – No, I’m not.3. Are they driving to London tomorrow? – Yes, they are.4. Is she going to the cinema tomorrow? – Yes, she is.5. Are they eating at home this evening? – No, they aren’t.IX.1. e2. d3. f4. b 5. a6. cX.1. lives2. go3. walk 4. goes5. gets up6. finish7. listen8. like 9. hates10. thinks11. lovesXI.1. am doing2. am meeting3. are going4. are playing 5. are having6. are starting 7. am not going8. is taking9. isn”t having 10. are having8XII.2-d. Where are they going? – They are going to the cinema.3-i. What sport are Nick and Jane playing? – They are playing tennis.4-e. When are they playing? – They are playing on Saturday morning.5-h. Who are they meeting for lunch? – They are meeting Sam.6-c. Is Nick doing yoga with Tom and Jack? – No, he isn’t.7-b. Where is his dad taking him? – He is taking him to a basketball match.8-g. Is Nick’s mum having a big birthday party? – No, she isn’t.9-f. Where are they having lunch? – They are having lunch at a nice restaurant.II. On Tuesday, she’s working on Biology project for school with Tom.On Wednesday, she’s doing a writing course.On Thursday, she’s buying Tom’s present.On Friday, she’s meeting Monica.On Saturday evening, she’s going to Tom’s party!III. 1. What are you doing this evening?2. What are you having for dinner this evening?3. Where are you going on holiday this year?4. How are you going to school tomorrow?5. What are you doing at the weekend?C. SPEAKINGI.Conversation 1Michelle What are you doing tomorrow evening, Christina?Christina I’m spending the evening at school.Michelle At school?Christina Yeah, we’re having a video evening with our language teachers.Michelle Really? A long evening.Christina Yeah, until midnight.Michelle Cool. Can I come too?Conversation 2TimWhat are you doing this weekend?OliverI’m going to Luna Park with some friends. Would you like to come?TimNo, thanks. I don’t really like theme parks.OliverOh, they’re fun! There’s a lot of great rides.TimAnyway, I’m going to the youth club on Saturday, then I’m going to afootball match on Sunday.OliverOK. See you on Monday then!II.1. I’m watching 2. I’d love to3. I’m meeting4. She doesn’t invite meIV.1. that2. over3. Is she short4. she isn’t5. Is her hair long6. short7. What colour are8. Does she have chubby cheeksD. READINGI. 1. True2. False3. True4. False5. FalseII. 1. False2. True 3. True4. True5. True7. False 8. True 9. True10. True11. FalseIII.B.1. Arts Centre2. North Cascades; Grand Manan Island4. North Cascades5. Space CampC. 1. True2. True3. True4. False 5. True6. True6. False12. FalseTEST (UNIT 3)1. B 2. D 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. B11. A 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. B 16. D 17. C 18. A 19. C 20. A21. A 22. D 23. B 24. C 25. A26. Alice is English. 27. She’s from London.28. She’s 13.29. She has fair hair and brown eyes.30. Her favourite colours are red, white and blue.31. hunt 32. choir 33. taking 34. public 35. sign36. trip37. scary 38. sporty39. for40. cooking41. j42. i43. a44. b45. e46. f47. c48. h49. g50. d51. We are visiting a milk farm and are doing the treasure hunt in the field tomorrow.52. He’s playing basketball and is having barbecue with his friends on Sunday evening.53. Are you doing anything this Saturday evening?54. Our teacher is asking us to write emails in English.55. He is playing basketball very well, and he is very sporty.56. What are they visiting on Saturday? 57. Who are you going to the judo club with?58. Why are you not going to my party? 59. What are you working on?60. How does she understand things?61. so → but62. on → for63. lively → live64. to → in65. watching → to watch66. He’s67. Yes, I do68. she has69. of course70. creative71. long72. fair73. arms74. plays75. legs76. she’s77. swimmer78. British79. athlete80. eyesTEST YOURSELF 1I. 1. CII.2. D/s/books, parents, students,baskets, lamps, desks,3. B4. C5. A/z//iz/boards, telephones, engineers,classes, couches, benches,doors, erasers, armchairs, tables,bookcasesteachers, years, windowsIII. 1. D 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. D 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. BIV. 1. sharpener2. ruler3. compass4. bicycle5. notebook6. desk7. calculator8. textbookV. 1. go camping2. go to a disco3. take photos4. swim5. have an ice cream 6. do7. play games8. buy souvenirsVI. 1. get up 2. breakfast3. go to4. do5. play 6. listen to7. go out3. Fashion Design6. Circus Camp6. FalseE. WRITINGI. 1. “Is she cooking a meal for lunch?” – “No, she isn’t.”2. “Are they having a holiday in August?” – “No, they aren’t.”3. “Are you playing computer games tonight?” – “Yes, I am.”4. “Is he drawing pictures about Hoi An tomorrow?” – “No, he isn’t.”5. “Are we having a campfire at the weekend?” – “Yes, we are.”910VII. 1.  2. a beautiful city3. is → are 4. 5. is → are; under → onVIII. 1. C 2. D3. G4. A5. F6. B7. EIX. 1. have2. don”t have 3. don”t watch 4. don’t do 5. speak6. startX. 1. walks2. doesn’t3. Does4. gives5. goes6. don’t7. are8. Is9. are10. AreXI. 1. There are many books on the bookshelf.2. How many books are there in your school bag?3. There is a television in the living room.4. There are forty-five students in my class.5. There are two tables in the living room.6. How many doors are there in the classroom?XII. 1. When do they finish school?2. What subjects do you study?3. What sports do they do at school?4. Do you like Maths?5. Where do they live?6. Who do you sit next to at school?XIII. 1. C2. B 3. A4. B5. A6. CXIV. 1. is learning 2. swim 3. is she doing 4. am having 5 . Are you watching 6. stayXV. 1. g2. d3. a4. f5. j 6. b7. c8. h9. i10. eXVI. 1. B2. C 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. CXVII. 1. f2. b3. a4. c5. b 6. d7. e8. gXVIII. A: Hi, Mary. How are you?B: I’m nervous.A: Why are you nervous?B: I’m not very happy.A: Really? What’s the matter?B: Because tomorrow is the Maths test.XIX.Hanh:Hello. Are you a new student?Thoa:Yes, I am. My name’s Thoa. What’s your name?Hanh:My name’s Hanh. Where do you live, Thoa?Thoa:I live in the country.Hanh:Oh, in the country? Is your house big?Thoa:No. My house is not big, but my house has four bedrooms, a livingroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Do you live in town?Hanh:Yes, I do. I live in an apartment.Thoa:Is it noisy in the city?Hanh:Yes, it’s very noisy here.XX.2. Nam lives in a house in the country.1. What time does she start work?3. Is there a flower garden behind the house? 4. There is a supermarket near my house.5. How many floors does your school have? 6. There is an old temple near our house.7. How does Mr. Dong travel to work?8. After dinner, she does her homework.9. She goes to school by bus.10. These people live on Nguyen Trai Street.XXI.1. My sister walks to school.2. There is a garden behind Lan’s house.3. The bank is near the post office.4. Our garden has many flowers.5. Ba doesn’t live in the country.XXII.1. Is there a post office near your house? 2. How do students go to school in your country?3. They go to school by bicycle.4. How do people in your city travel to work?115. People travel to work by motorbike.6. Is there a post office in front of your school?7. Hoa lives in the country with her parents.8. There is a beautiful garden to the left of Ba’s house.Unit 4A. PHONETICSI. 1. CII.2. A3. C4. A/i:/teen; meal; peaceful; leave; seat; read; sea;see; beach; street; convenient5. A/1/slim; tin; milk; building; historic; busy;expensive; live; sit; village; river; city;difficult; thingB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 3. taller than4. noisier than5. prettier than6. happier than7. shorter than8. bigger than9. more modern than 10. more friendly than11. better than12. worse thanII. 1. Scotland is colder than Athens.2. Chinese is more difficult than English.3. Jennifer Lopez is prettier than Madonna. 4. Football is better than volleyball.5. A novel is longer than a short story.III. 1. This book is better than that one.2. The weather here is hotter than the weather in my hometown3. A mouse is smaller than a cat.4. A radio is cheaper than a television.5. The sun is bigger than the moon.6. A mountain is higher than a hill.7. A child is younger than a man.8. A lake is smaller than a sea.9. Your hair is longer than my hair.10. French food is better than English food.IV. 1. more comfortable 2. larger 3. more important4. heavier5. more difficult 6. Longer7. more intelligent8. Better9. Worse10. prettier 11. Stronger12. more beautifulV. 1. longer2. bigger3. more intelligent 4. faster5. heavier6. colder7. more difficult 8. older9. bigger10. higherVI. 1. My father is older than Uncle Hung.2. She is taller than her mother.3. Winter is colder than spring.4. Ha Noi Opera House is bigger than Hai Phong Opera House.5. A house in the city centre is more expensive than a house in the suburb.6. My neighbourhood is more crowded than your neighbourhood.7. Travelling by train is more comfortable than travelling by coach.8. Mai is younger than her sisters.9. Hue is more historic than Hoi An.10. Living in the country is more peaceful than living in the city.VII. 1. bigger2. more interesting 3. cheaper4. noisier5. more expensive 6. more boring7. busier8. more modernVIII. 1. is smaller than 2. is cheaper than 3. is more modern than4. is quieter than5. is better than 6. is lighter than 7. is noisier8. is older thanIX. 1. more expensive than2. are cheaper than3. is bigger than4. is smaller than5. are more comfortable than6. is/ are more friendly than7. is better than8. is worse than12C. SPEAKINGI. A. 1. give2. directions6. here7. theB. 1. there2. TakeII.A. 1. Excuse me 2. Go alongB. 6. Is there7. near hereIII.1. quieter than – noisier than4. better than – worse3. ahead8. welcome3. on4. Take5. on4. at5. How3. That’s8. turn left4. on the left5. opposite9. on your right 10. next to6. by2. quieter than – noisier 3. bigger than – smaller5. faster than – slowerD. READINGI. 1. Rome is older than London. 2. London is bigger than Rome in area and population.3. No, London is colder than Rome in winter and cooler than Rome in summer.4. Rome has got more rain.5. Rome is nearer the sea than London.II. A: Post office; D: Cinema.III. 1. C2. D3. A4. C5. DIV. 1. Lan goes to Nha Trang on holiday now.2. In the early morning, she goes to the sea and swims for an hour.3. In the afternoon, she takes some photos of the sights.4. She is staying in Nha Trang for four days.5. Because she has a lot of fun.E. WRITINGI. 1. My village has an old pagoda.2. That small town has not got a railway-station.3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got only one car.4. My school has got a new building.5. That city has got many beautiful lakes.6. London has got many famous parks.7. Has your city got any museums?8. This town has not got any art galleries.9. Hue has got many old buildings and pagodas. 10. Has your house got a garage?II. 1. This District Post Office is smaller than the Central Post Office.2. Our office building is lower than the skyscraper.3. Your neighbourhood is quieter than my neighbourhood.4. Daisy is fatter than Alice.5. The Palace Hotel is more expensive than the Riverview Hotel.6. A house in the country is cheaper than a house in the city.7. The air in the country is fresher than the air in the city.8. Life in a small village is more boring than life in the city.III. 1. Ha Noi is the capital of Viet Nam. It has a history of more than 1,000 years.2. First, go to President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum to see the stilt house where he lived from1958 to 1969.3. Then, go to the One-Pillar Pagoda. It is a pagoda over the water in the middle of a square lake.4. After that, have a chance to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda on the shore of West Lake.5. Then, have lunch at a restaurant in the Old Quarter.6. Finally, go to Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart and the soul of Ha Noi.TEST (UNIT 4)1. A11. A2. B12. B3. C13. D4. A14. A5. A15. B6. B16. A7. D17. D8. C18. B9. D 10. D19. B 20. A1321. A22. D23. C24. A25. C26. D27. C28. A29. B 30. B31. shorter than32. larger than33. higher than34. bigger than 35. smaller than36. noisier – more crowded37. bigger than38. larger than 39. better…than40. easier than41. backyard42. polluted43. that44. with45. Turn – turning – front46. those47. convenient48. historic49. way50. statue51. Many people who work in London prefer to live outside it.52. One advantage of living outside London is that houses are cheaper.53. He can enjoy the fresh, clean air of the country.54. With the same money, one can get a little house in the country with a garden of one’s own.55. He can spend his free time digging, planting, watering and doing the hundred and oneother jobs which are needed in a garden.56. near57. on58. tell59. Take 60. on61. way62. over63. on64. between 65. Thanks 66. from 67. peaceful 68. flowers 69. for70. however 71. carpet 72. often73. water 74. path75. fresh76. The Japanese Covered Bridge or “Chua Cau” is one of the most famous touristattractions in Hoi An.77. It was built in the early seventeenth century.78. “Chua Cau” in Hoi An is a beautiful example of Japanese architecture at that period.79. It was built by Japanese merchants to make a link with Chinese quarters across the stream.80. Inside “Chua Cau”, there is a temple of the God of Weather. People believe(that) hecontrols all kinds of weather changes.Unit 5A. PHONETICSI./t//st/coat; but; cot; mat; hot; eat; net; boot;coast; burst; cost; mast; host; east; nest; boost;boat; bet; wet; lot; pot; but; beatboast; best; west; lost; post; bust; beastII. 1. coast2. coat3. hot4. host5. west6. west7. lot8. lost9. pot10. postB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. The largest2. the shortest6. the largest7. the funniestII. 1. longest2. biggest6. biggest7. biggestIII. 1. mustn”t2. mustIV. 1. I must go to the barber’s.4. I must stop eating sweets.7. I must buy a new one.10. I must go to the post office.3. the highest4. the largest5. the worst8. the largest9. the coldest10. the best3. longest4. tallest5. highest8. taller9. bigger10. longer3. must4. must5. must2. I must tidy it up.3. I must go to the dentist’s.5. I must wash them. 6. I must lose weight.8. I must wash it.9. I must go to the doctor’s.C. SPEAKINGI. RoryMumRoryMum14OK, Mum, I’m off to the party.Wait, Rory. You must be home by midnight.I know, Mum. Midnight is usual.And you mustn’t eat too much. Or you feel sick.RoryMumRoryMumII. 1. fA:B:A:B:A:B:A:B:A:B:A:B:I know, Mum. I never eat too much.That’s not true. After your last party, you felt very sick!OK, I’ll be careful. Is there anything I can do?You can have fun!2. e3. d4. a5. c6. bWhere do you want to spend your summer holiday?I want to go to Sa Pa.What is your favourite place in Sa Pa?It’s Ham Rong Mountain.Really? Where is it?It’s next to the town of Sa Pa, and it’s belong to the Hoang Lien Son Range inSapa District.Oh, what is special about it?It’s the most wonderful destination for tourists in Sa Pa.What’s it like?It looks like a jaw of a dragon opening wide to the sky. It is a beautiful scenerywhen the whole landscape is in the mist.It sounds good. What can you see from there?We can see the whole town below in the white clouds and mist.III.1. Cuc Phuong National Park is higher than Cat Ba National Park.Cat Ba National Park is higher than Cat Tien National Park.Cuc Phuong National Park is the highest.2. Cat Tien National Park is hotter than Cuc Phuong National Park.Cuc Phuong National Park is hotter than Cat Ba National ParkCat Tien National Park is the hottest.D. READINGI.Tom’s postcardHi Mark,I’m having a great time in France with my penfriend Simon and his family. His sisterPauline is really nice. We’re staying in a house near the sea.It’s always sunny and I surf every day!Simon’s friends are very friendly but I don’t always understand them.By for now.TomDaisy’s postcardHello Lucy,I’m staying in the centre of Prague with my cousin Sofia. It’s a very beautiful city. I’mtaking lots of photos and buying lots of souvenirs. We’re sitting in a lovely café now. Wecan’t go out because it’s raining. In the evenings, we go to discos. Prague’s fantastic!See you soon.DaisyII. 1. A2. A3. C4. B5. CIII. 1. It is is the largest lake in Viet Nam.2. It is nearly 250 km from Ha Noi.3. When you get to the entrance of Ba Be National Park, you have another 16 kilometredrive through the park to arrive at the small village “Pac Ngoi” of Tay Minority.154. During the boat trip you can visit some caves and the Dau Dang waterfall.5. You can also watch the local communities with their daily life.IV. 1. C2. A3. C4. D5. AV. 1. False2. True3. False4. True5. TrueVI.B. 1. It is more than 6,400 kilometers long.2. It flows through Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.3. Yes, it is.4. It is on the border between Bolivia and Peru.5. It is more than 190 kilometres long and about 80 kilometres wide.6. There are 41 islands in the lake.7. It is nearly 1,000 metres high.8. The Atacama Desert is in Chile.9. It is about 1,000 kilometres long.10. It is also 15 million years old.11. The Amazon Rainforest covers the countries, such as Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia,Ecuador and Peru.12. More than 50% of the world’s species of plants, insects and animals live in the AmazonRainforest.VII. Name: Brazil Capital: Brasilia Population: about 183 millionOfficial language: PortugueseExports: oranges and coffeeMajor geographical features: the Amazon River, and the Amazon RainforestProblems: the destruction of the rainforest; many animals and plants are disappearing asa result; and many tribes that lived in the rainforest don’t exist any more.VIII. 1. The Apache, Blackfoot and Sioux Indians live there.2. People call them “the roof of America” because the tops of the mountains here are 4,401 m.3. The Colorado Rockies are 4,401 metres high.4. It is famous for its hot springs and for its grizzly bears.5. Yes, it is.E. WRITINGI. 1. Mexico City is the biggest city in the world.2. My brother’s room is bigger than my room.3. London is smaller than Tokyo.4. Hung is shorter than Ba.5. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Viet Nam. 6. Nam is the tallest boy in his class.7. Thoa is the most beautiful girl in the village.8. The pagoda is taller than the temple.TEST (UNIT 5)1. D2. B3. A4. B5. C6. D7. A8. D9. D 10. D11. D12. A13. B14. C15. B16. B17. A18. A19. A 20. C21. B22. D23. A24. B25. A26. B27. B28. C29. D 30. B31. biggest32. highest33. attraction34. agent35. brochure36. c37. e38. a39. b40. d41. d42. a43. e44. c 45. b46. your motorbike47. must bring it back 48. must go49. mustn”t pick up50. get the things51. familiar52. beach53. water 54. clouds55. landscapes56. considered 57. moving 58. shady 59. seen 60. waves61. The Amazon River is responsible for twenty percent of fresh water that flows into theworld’s oceans.62. Yes, it does.63. It is about 6,400 km long.64. The Nile River in Africa is the longest.65. It has more than 200 tributaries.1666. Phu Quoc Island is the largest island in Viet Nam.67. Cuc Phuong National Park is the oldest national park in Viet Nam.68. Cat Tien National Park is the largest national parkin Viet Nam.69. Landmark 72 in Ha Noi is the highest building in Viet Nam.70. Asia is the biggest continent in the world.71. Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Viet Nam.72. Angel Falls is the highest fall in the world.73. Lake Superior in North America is the largest freshwater lake in the world.74. You must bring the compass; if not we will get lost in the forest.75. You must take a waterproof coat during your trip to Fansipan Mountain because it israiny there.76. You must arrive on time at school.77. You mustn’t walk alone after 10 pm in that park.78. You must take a boat trip around the islands in Ha Long Bay.79. Antarctica is the coldest place in the world.80. We mustn’t write on the walls or tables in our classroom.I. 1. eII.Mai:Michiko:Mai:Michiko:Mai:Michiko:Mai:Michiko:Mai:Michiko:2. f3. a4. b5. c6. dCould you tell me something about Japanese Year? When is the New Year?It’s on January 1st. It lasts three days through January 3rd.What do people do to celebrate the New Year?They clean and decorate their houses a few days before the New Year.Do they decorate the houses with trees and flowers?Yes, they usually decorate their houses with some pine trees on both sides ofthe door. People also exchange cards and presents.I see. And what do they usually do on the New Year’s Eve?Some families put on special kimonos to go to visit pagodas. Then they comehome and eat the special New Year Day’s food and drink a lot of rice wine.What do they usually do next?They watch television and then television will broadcast 108 bells. As soonas the 108th bell is rung, people all say “Happy New Year”.D. READINGUnit 6A. PHONETICSI./s/comparison; sound; house; best;person; blossom; swim; school; class;smile; rooster; success; appearance;II. 1. B 2. DC. SPEAKING3. D4. B/~/communication; pronunciation; tradition;should; show; wish; shopping; special; she;sugar; sure; shy; English; nation; shrimp; dish;patient; rubbish; international5. CB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. True2. False3. True4. True5. FalseII. 1. They are buying some presents for the family and their friends.2. They are staying with the Browns in London at Christmas.3. He is decorating the Christmas tree in the sitting-room.4. She is putting some Christmas cards and colourful lights on the Christmas tree.III. 1. False2. True3. True4. False5. True6. False7. True8. True9. False10. TrueIV. 1. B2. D3. B4. C5. AV. 1. one2. when3. strange4. like5. dark6. put7. candy8. next9. parties10. prizeE.

Xem thêm: Chỉ Thị Số 15-Ct/Tw Ngày 7/7/2007, Sơ Kết Thực Hiện Chỉ Thị Số 15

Xem thêm: Download Mẫu Đơn Xin Việc Viết Tay Ngành Xây Dựng, Mẫu Đơn Xin Việc Viết Tay Ngành Xây Dựng

WRITINGIn Viet Nam before Tet, people clean the house, decorate the house with peach blossoms andapricot blossoms, and cook special foods. On New Year’s Eve, they meet together and waitfor the New Year to come, exchange good wishes, give lucky money to children, or go to thepagoda. During Tet, they eat banh chung or banh tet, and put on best clothes or traditionalclothes. People in Viet Nam often celebrate Tet among family members.In Japan before the New Year, the Japanese also clean the house, decorate the house withpine trees, and cook special foods. On New Year’s Eve, they watch TV and listen to the bellringing or visit the pagoda. During the New Year, they eat special foods and drink rice wine,and wear kimonos or special dress. People in Japan often celebrate the New Year amongfamily members.I.go toa pagoda; front door; a church; flower market; a templedecoratethe house; pine tree; the living room;hangdecorations; the LED lights; a calendarbuypeach blossoms; flowers; apricot blossoms;visitold teachers; relatives; friends; home villagecookspecial food; traditional foodII. 1. She’s from Viet Nam. 2. He’s from Australia.3. She’s Canadian.4. She’s Japanese.5. They’re American.6. He’s Chinese.7. He’s Australian.8. He’s British/ Scottish.9. They speak English.10. They speak French.III. 1. shouldn”t2. should3. should4. shouldn”t5. should6. should7. should8. shouldn”t9. should10. shouldn”tIV. 1. should2. shouldn”t3. should4. should5. shouldn”t6. shouldn”t7. should8. shouldn”tV. 1. You shouldn’t eat so many sweet things.2. You should set the alarm clock.3. You should do more exercise.4. You should stay at home.5. You should go to the doctor’s.6. You should see a doctor.7. You should ask him for it.8. You should work in a group.TEST (UNIT 6)1. B2. D3. B4. A11. D12. B13. B14. A21. C22. B23. A24. D31. should32. shouldn”t36. fun37. getting41. a42. b43. d44. c51. b52. c53. c54. a61. d62. h63. a64. e66. You shouldn’t work so hard.17185. A6. C7. B8. D9. A 10. A15. B16. D17. C18. C19. A 20. C25. A26. C27. A28. B29. B 30. B33. because34. ring35. tradition38. c39. e40. d45. a46. e47. b48. c49. a 50. d55. b56. b57. d58. g59. f 60. c65. b67. We should buy her a nice birthday present.68. You should take it to the garage. 69. You should go to bed early tonight.70. You shouldn’t listen to him.71. You shouldn’t worry so much.72. He should look for another one.73. We should turn it off.74. You should have a haircut.75. He should meet the teacher after class.76. People decorate their home with plants and flowers.77. People try to be nice to each other because they want good luck on New Year’s Day.78. They visit their relatives, and they exchange New Year’s wishes.79. Many people go to the pagoda in order to have a happy year for their family.80. Tet is a time for fun and festivals throughout the country.TEST YOURSELF 21. D2. B3. D4. A5. B6. B7. A8. C9. B 10. D11. D12. A13. B14. A15. C16. C17. C18. A19. A 20. B21. D22. C23. D24. B25. A26. C27. A28. A29. A 30. C31. Antarctica is the coldest place in the world.32. You should do morning exercises every morning.33. My father will/ is going to repaint our house before Tet.34. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina.35. Nobody in Nam’s class is taller than him.36. Tomorrow Hoa will buy flowers for her father’s birthday.37. Nobody in my class is better in Maths than Minh.38. At twelve o’clock at night everyone says “Happy New Year”, and they wish their friendsand relatives good luck.39. How often do you go fishing with your father?40. The new market is inconvenient because it is far from our flat building.41. festival 42. have43. decorate44. shopping45. gatherings46. first47. envelopes 48. love49. give50. wishesUnit 7A. PHONETICSI. 1. BII.2. A3. B4. C5. B/8//5/thrilling; birthday; tooth; breath; throat;athlete; thunder; threaten; three; theater;earth; through; both; anything; thirty; thingthere; mother; bathroom; breathe; theme;those; weather; although; feather; them;the; with; than; neither;B. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. film director2. cartoon character3. international channel 4. remote control5. game show6. news programme7. local television8. volume buttonII.PeopleProgrammesKinds of filmreporter; director; cameraman;comedy; cartoon; romance;documentary;weatherman; actor; designers;drama; sports; game show;comedy; cartoon;viewer; newsreader; producer;sitcom; quiz show; weatheraction; silent; loveweathergirl; writer; MC;forecast; fashion; news;story; horror; animals;characterscience; animalswar19III. 1. comedy2. sitcom3. game show4. documentary5. drama6. weather forecast 7. quiz show 8. animal programme 9. educational programme10. news headlines11. MC12. cartoonIV. 1. h2. e3. g4. j5. b 6. i7. a8. c9. f10. dV. 1. Which TV programme do you like best?2. What can TV viewers know from the weather forecast?3. How often do you go to the zoo?4. What time/ When can we meet in front of the theater?5. Why does Bob like the comedy?6. How long does the documentary last?7. Who is the director of the film?8. How many films are on this week on VTV3?9. How many children around the world enjoy the cartoon “Hello Fatty!”?10. Where are Pokemon cartoons made?VI. 1. so2. because 3. but4. and 5. becauseVII. 1. e2. a3. b4. c5. f6. dVIII. 1. h2. i3. e4. j5. c6. a7. d8. f9. b10. gIX. 1. d2. a3. e4. c5. b6. j7. f8. h9. i10. gC. SPEAKINGI. 1. we couldn’t find the cinema2. she gave us directions3. they were for the wrong cinema 4. we went homeII. 1. What kinds 2. How about you 3. Would you like 4. I’m sorry. I can’t5. But we willD. READINGI. 1. Yes, it is. Because there is a TV set in nearly every home.2. Americans watch television about 5 hours a week.3. Because there is a lot of violence on TV today, the programs are terrible, and peopledon’t get any exercise.4. It brings news from around the world.5. We can learn about life in other countries, and many other useful things.II. 1. False2. True3. True4. False5. TrueIII. 1. Bart Simpson: a student.2. His two sisters: Lisa and Maggie. Maggie is a baby, and Lisa is a student.3. His father: Homer. He works at a power station (a worker).4. His mother: Marge. She’s a housewife.E. WRITINGMy favourite TV programme is the game show: Children are Always Right on VTV 3 at8.30 pm on Saturday. It tests your general knowledge about nature, science, etc. I like thisprogramme very much because it is useful, interesting, and exciting. I can learn manyinteresting facts about the nature, and the world.TEST (UNIT 7)1. D2. C3. B4. B5. C6. D7. C8. B9. A 10. D11. D12. A13. D14. B15. D16. C17. D18. C19. B 20. A21. A22. C23. B24. B25. D26. B27. A28. A29. A 30. D31. director32. comedian33. TV reporter34. TV producer 35. cameraman36. Why is watching too much TV not good?37. What do you often do in your free time?38. What is the Wingless Penguin about?2039. Why do children love the Wingless Penguin series?40. Which channel is the programme on?41. How many countries does The TV programme “Let’s Learn” appears in42. Who enjoys the programme?43. When is the Animals programme on?44. How many hours do you watch TV a day?45. How can you enough information for your essay?46. e47. f48. g49. h50. i51. j52. a53. c54. d 55. b56. c57. b58. d59. b60. d61. True 62. True 63. False 64. False65. True66. There are many music programmes on TV nowadays.67. The Discovery Channel makes education fun for children all over the world.68. Would you like to go to the theater with me tonight?69. Although I enjoy sports every much, but I don’t often watch the Sports programmes.70. The News programme helps TV viewers know about what happens every day in theircountry as well as all over the world.71. Children enjoy watching cartoons because they are colourful and funny.72. VTV Channels offer many interesting programmes in different subjects in several languages.73. Not many Vietnamese people know that film although it is very famous in the USA.74. Many people think the Fashion programme is only for women, but it is for everyone.75. I am going to have a test tomorrow, so I can’t watch the cartoon.76. The game show this week tests our knowledge of rain forests.77. The questions in the quiz show are about different subjects from grade one to grade six.78. That singer in the live show at the theater will be on TV tomorrow.79. That channel tells people about life animals in the world.80. The show helps us remember our childhood.VI. 1. bounce 2. hit3. kick4. throw5. catch6. pick upVII. 1. cycling 2. boxing 3. table-tennis 4. football 5. basketball 6. badminton7. volleyball8. swimming 9. skiing10. sailing 11. tennis12. chessVIII. 1. wasn”t 2. bought3. didn”t know 4. didn”t have 5. was6. left7. told8. weren”tIX.1. A: Were you in the bathroom when I phoned? B: No, I wasn’t. I was asleep.2. A: Did you like the present I gave you? B: Yes, I did. It was great.3. A: Where were you on holiday yesterday? B: We went to Da Lat. We had a great time.4. A: How many people were there at the party last night?B: There were (only) ten people. It was not a good party.X. 1. rescued 2. studied3. laughed 4. asked5. started 6. closed 7. walked8. jumped 9. tried10. stoppedXI. 1. was2. arrived3. were4. wanted5. were6. waved 7. cheered8. walked 9. called10. asked11. answered 12. looked 13. was 14. cancelledXII. 1. started 2. walked3. went4. left5. arrived6. walked 7. finished 8. travelled 9. raised10. wroteXIII 1. went 2. met3. took4. stayed5. were6. had 7. hit8. cut9. read10. played 11. did12. left13. was 14. toldC. SPEAKINGUnit 8A. PHONETICSI./e6//16/there; care; wear; bear; pear; prepare; share;where; fair; chair; air; pair; aerobicsII.1. D2. Chere; fear; series; ear; appear; beer; idea;cheer; year; dear; near; sphere;3. B4. D5. BB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI.dohomework; aerobics;housework; cyclinggoshopping; swimming; fishing;jogging; camping;playtable tennis; badminton;tennis; video games;volleyball; soccer;II.Individual sportsTeam sportsathletics; cycling; skiing; swimming; tennis;basketball; football; hockey; rugby;badminton; judovolleyballIII. 1. do2. plays3. playing4. does 5. does 6. do 7. played 8. playingIV. 1. cycle2. by3. walk4. take 5. work 6. walk 7. up8. stairsV. 1. doing 2. watching 3. skiing4. playing 5. swimming 6. practising21I. 1. played 2. score3. them4. dear5. end 6. scoredII. 1. e2. c3. b4. d5. aIII. Conversation 1MichelleWhat are you doing tomorrow evening, Christina?ChristinaI’m spending the evening at school.MichelleAt school?ChristinaYeah, we’re having a video evening with our language teachers.MichelleReally? A long evening?ChristinaYeah, till midnight.MichelleCool. Can I come too?Conversation 2Tim:What are you doing this weekend?Oliver:I’m going to Luna Park with some friends. Would you like to come?Tim:No, thanks. I don’t really like theme parks.Oliver:Oh, they’re fun! There’s a lot of great rides.Tim:Anyway. I’m going to the youth club on Saturday, then I’m going to afootball match on Sunday.Oliver:OK. See you on Monday then!IV. 1. favourite 2. tennis 3. often4. twice5. sport 6. gameV.A. Conversation 1: d. In the streetConversation 2: a. At a party.Conversation 3: b. At a sports lesson.B. 1. True2. False3. False4. False5. False 6. TrueD. READINGI. 1. Yes, she does. She likes sports.2. She goes swimming in the afternoon.3. She plays badminton on weekend. 4. Yes, she does. She does aerobics every day.5. Yes, they are.II. 1. False 2. True 3. False 4. True 5. False 6. False7. False8. True22III. 1. False 2. True 3. False 4. True 5. FalseIV. 1. He is going to the sports club to play table tennis with Lan and Ba.2. He is going to buy some books at the bookstore and after that he’s going to goswimming with Thanh and Tan.3. No. he isn’t.4. He is going to the movie theater.5. He is going to the movie theater with his parents and his sister.V.TentBeachWater sportsCaféHelenJuliaSaraVI. 1. They love sport.2. Because there are thousands of great beaches in Australia.3. They are football, Australian Rules football, and cricket.4. They are netball, gymnastics, and horse riding.75. In my spare time, I do judo and practise a lot of running.76. My brother is a good football player.77. Badminton is Mai’s favourite sport.78. Sports and games play a very important part/ role in children’s lives.79. Children do many after-school activities when school finishes.80. Lan can play basketball very well.Unit 9A. PHONETICSI./6$/behind; design; skyscraper; write; shy; high;diverse; fine; dry; price; type; excited; nice;drive; height; title; decide; minor; right4. C5. AB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARE. WRITINGI. 1. Which sports do you do at school?3. Who are your favourite sports stars?5. Do you play team sports?7. What is your favourite football team?/a1/wardrobe; boat; pagoda; well-known;only; judo; robot; show; poem; motor;sofa; postcard; slow; both; most; roleII. 1. A2. D3. BI.CitiesNew York2. When do you do sports?4. How often do you go running?6. What sports do you watch on TV?8. How often do you go swimming?TEST (UNIT 8)1. A2. A3. D4. B5. B6. D7. C8. D9. B 10. A11. A12. D13. B14. C15. B16. A17. D18. C19. B 20. B21. A22. C23. D24. B25. B26. B27. B28. B29. B 30. C31. B32. C33. A34. C35. C36. c37. e38. a39. b 40. d41. False 42. False 43. False 44. True 45. False 46. B47. A48. C49. C 50. B51. You say, “Don’t make so much noise/ Keep quiet, please!”52. You say, “Don’t watch too much TV; play a sport to keep fit!”53. You say, “Study harder because the examinations are coming, Hung.”54. You say, “Don’t swim here; it’s very deep and it also has rocks.”55. You say, “Don’t tease wild animals; it’s very dangerous.”56. Do their parents always go fishing on weekend?57. Does Lan play badminton every day?58. She is doing aerobics now.59. How often do the children go to the movies?60. Nam often plays video games in the afternoon.61. The students sometimes have a picnic.62. Do they sometimes go camping?63. He usually goes swimming with his friends.64. I went sailing with my classmate Nam on the river near my house last summer.65. When you go swimming, you should wear goggles to protect your eyes.66. How often are the Olympics Games held?67. What are the children doing?68. When and where did the first Olympic Games take place?69. When did Pelé begin his career?70. Why do you really like swimming?71. Unluckily, we lost the game although we practised a lot.72. His team promise that they will win the match next summer.73. His favourite sport is table tennis, and/ so his father will give him a racket for his 13th birthday.74. Can you tell the difference between a sport and a game?23Countrythe USAContinentNorth AmericaLondonBritainEuropeRio de JaneiroBrazilSouth AmericaPlaces of interestStatue of Liberty; Times Square;Empire State Building; Central ParkBig Ben; The River Thames; theTower Bridge; London Eye; Housesof Parliament; Hyde ParkChrist the Redeemer; Tijuca Forest;Maracana Stadium;Merlion; Sentosa; Jurong IslandSingaporeSingaporeAsiaII.AdjectiveOppositeThe superlativenewoldthe oldestcheapexpensivethe most expensivesmallbigthe biggestbadgoodthe bestcoldhotthe hottestunpopularpopularthe most populardirtycleanthe cleanestcleandirtythe dirtiest1. the cleanest2. the biggest3. the hottest4. the dirtiest5. the most popular 6. the oldest7. the best8. the most expensiveIII. 1. quiet2. goods3. new4. sad/ boredIV. 1. have read2. has visited 3. haven”t seen 4. have taken5. haven’t studied6. have wonV. 1. have learned 2. has played 3. hasn”t rained 4. haven”t seen 5. have studied6. has worked7. has seen8. has been9. have had10. has playedVI. 1. is looking2. has learned3. have you known4. Has she fed 5. haven”t seen – were6. Has she finished7. Has your dog ever bitten – bit8. have just made9. Have you ever been10. started24VII. 2. the worst 3. the lowest 4. the wettest 5. the driest 6. the most difficultVIII. 1. France is hotter than Britain, but Spain is the hottest.2. Harry is more intelligent than Paul, but Robert is the most intelligent.3. Magazines are cheaper than books, but newspapers are the cheapest.4. History is more interesting than science, but music is the most interesting.5. Kate is more friendly than Steve, but Wendy is the friendliest.IX. 1. nicest2. best3. busiest4. most famous 5. biggest6. most difficult 7. quietest8. worst9. most expensiveTEST (UNIT 9)C. SPEAKINGI.1. tried – haven’t 2. eaten – have3. seen – have – saw4. been – have5. Have you had – have – ateIII. 1. A: Have you watched a volleyball match?2. A: Have you won a competition?3. A: Have you seen a play?4. A: Have you seen an action film?5. A: Have you eaten Chinese food?6. A: Have you met a famous person?IV. 1. Who is the most intelligent person in your family?2. What is the most popular food in our country? – It’s “pho”.3. Who is the most famous actor in our country?4. What is the most important school subject? – It’s Maths/ English…5. What is the most boring sport?D. READINGI. 1. C2. B3. B4. B5. CII. 1. D2. B3. D4. C5. BIII. 1. No, it isn’t. it’s in Tokyo.2. Yes, they are.3. It’s Ipanema Beach.4. Yes, she is. She’s a shopping fan.5. He’s from Brazil.6. Yes, it is. It’s in Paris.7. No, it isn’t. It’s in New York.IV. 1. B2. A3. D4. CV. 1. Because he missed his flight in Washington.2. It is very cold.3. They have breakfast in a little Italian place next to the hotel.4. He just has coffee.5. He likes/ loves the skyscrapers.VI. 1. C2. A3. B4.5.1. She’s going to go walking on Friday.2. He’s going to make a horror film.3. Because Tom never believes him.4. Because he’s going to give it to Lisa.5. They’re going to see a play by Shakespeare. 6. I think they are writing to Dan.VII. 1. Hyde Park2. Stamford Bridge3. Madame Tussauds4. the Tate Modern5. Wimbledon6. The West End7. Oxford Street8. the London EyeE. WRITINGI.A/ 1. Dan and Kate are in Mallorca. 2. They think the place is lovely.3. The weather is fantastic.4. They’re at a campsite in a small village.5. They go swimming every morning and Kate goes sailing in the afternoon, too.B/ 1. Sally is in Scotland.2. She thinks the place is great.3. The weather isn’t very good.4. They’re in a youth hostel near Loch Ness.5. They go walking in the mountains every day.251. C2. D3. A4. C5. B6. C7. B8. D9. C 10. C11. C12. B13. D14. C15. C16. B17. D18. D19. A 20. C21. A22. D23. D24. D25. B26. C27. B28. D29. C 30. A31. has stopped32. have arrived 33. have had34. have spoken 35. has finished36. d37. a38. e39. c40. b41. C42. B43. B44. D 45. D46. C47. A48. D49. B50. C51. Where is London?52. When did the Eiffel Tower first open?53. What are you going to do tomorrow?54. Where did you in your last vacation?55. How was the weather in London?56. The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe.57. “Have you ever eaten Ha Noi Pho, Steven?”58. Up to now, I have visited Da Lat three times.59. Do you think the most popular Vietnamese writer for children is To Hoai?60. Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage building.61. The Merlion is a creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.62. New York is an exciting city with many skyscrapers.63. You can go boating on the West Lake and it is very nice.64. I have been to the beaches in Nha Trang many times with my family.65. Is Chicago or Los Angeles the second biggest city in the United States?66. I have just come back from a vacation in Nha Trang.67. Quoc Tu Giam was the first university in Viet Nam.68. There are six continents in the world.69. It is the most famous tower in England.70. The building is new, but it looks more than 100 years old.71. Da Nang attracts lots of tourists because it has the most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam.72. Hoi An is famous for the old houses and buildings, and traditional crafts.73. Have you ever seen the latest Batman film?74. The Temple of Literature is one of Ha Noi’s famous landmarks.75. Merlion with a lion’s head and a fish’s body is the symbol of Singapore.76. In Viet Nam, April is the hottest month of the year.77. Do you think money is the most important thing in the world?78. My father thinks Brazil has the best football team in the world.79. New York is the most exciting city in the world.80. Because Nha Trang has clean and beautiful beaches, it attracts lots of tourists.TEST YOURSELF 31. D2. C3. D4. D5. B6. B7. C8. C9. A 10. C11. A12. D13. D14. B15. C16. B17. C18. A19. D 20. B21. A22. C23. A24. was25. walked 26. phoned27. waited28. arrived 29. walked 30. were31. pushed 32. jumped33. phoned34. arrived 35. interviewed36. have just heard37. Didn’t you know38. flew39. Have you heard40. got41. told42. didn’t say 43. liked44. has been 45. has never been46. have been47. hope48. have you lived49. Is50. is51. want 52. looks53. is54. Have you ever been55. will go 56. b57. a58. g59. e60. h61. j62. c63. d 64. i65. f66. False67. True68. True69. False70. False2671. It became very popular in the 1970s.72. They are ‘freestyle’ skateboarding, ‘ramp’ skateboarding, and ‘street-style’ skateboarding.73. It is a combination of freestyle and ramp.74. Because it allows them to skateboard safely.75. Yes, because there are lots of skateboarding competitions.76. I took part in the swimming competition at my school last week and won the third prize.77. I can’t play soccer with my classmates this afternoon because I have to visit mygrandmother in hospital.78. I should finish my homework before I play/ playing sports.79. I do judo twice a week and I go to the dance class too.80. Soccer or football is the most popular sport in Viet Nam.Unit 10A. PHONETICS/dr/dress; children; dream; driver; draw;dry; drink/tr/stress; tractor; travel; train; straw; trousers; tree;trip; countrysideB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI. 1. dishwasher2. smart washing machine 3. Hi-tech robots4. wireless TV5. modern fridgeII. 1. will live2. will drive3. will wear4. will do5. will grow6. will be7. will speak8. will win9. will listen10. will goIII. 1. No, I won’t. I’ll be the manager.2. No, you won’t. You’ll be rich and famous.3. No, he won’t. He’ll pass most of his exams.4. No, he won’t. He’ll play for Wales. 5. No, it won’t. Everyone will study at home.IV. 1. What will she buy?2. When will he arrive?3. When will you have a meeting?4. What will you see?5. How will they travel to Ha Noi this summer? 6. Where will you put them?7. What will you cook for dinner tonight?8. What language will he learn?9. Where will you have your birthday’s party? 10. When will you paint it?V. 1. might2. might not3. might 4. might not5. mightVI. 1. e2. c3. d4. g5. h6. b7. f8. aVII. 1. won’t2. will 3. will 4. won’t 5. won’t6. will 7. will 8. will3. Fridges will have computers, too.4. Because you will tell the fridge what you want to eat and the fridge will know whatfood to buy.5. A teenager from the supermarket will cycle to your house with your food.E. WRITING1. in class 6A will plant some trees in school yard tomorrow morning.Tourists will stop at the restaurant for a short time.My children will spend their holiday on a farm.My mother will prepare food for my birthday party next week.Hoa will see her parents in the country.They will have an important test on Friday.Workers will build more bridges in this area.They will travel to Ha Noi by air.They will cut down some trees in the schoolyard.It will rain soon.TEST (UNIT 10)1. A2. D3. D4. A5. B 6. D7. D8. D9. A 10. D11. C12. A13. B14. C15. A 16. C17. C18. B19. B 20. C21. B22. D23. B24. A25. C 26. C27. D28. B29. D 30. C31. view32. hi-tech33. wave – solar 34. located35. watches/ ….36. around37. programmes 38. needs39. on40. use41. will invite 42. will see43. will play44. will buy45. will borrow46. will write 47. will visit48. will give49. will have50. will wear51. to live52. surrounded 53. solar energy 54. I can fly to school 55. control56. do housework 57. watch films 58. can work59. computers60. on other61. B 62. A63. D64. B65. A66. C67. B68. D69. A70. C71. My mother will make a big meal tonight.72. I will finish work at 6 pm.73. I will not have a birthday party this year.74. Will you meet Lan tonight?75. We will take our cousins on holiday with us. 76. My friends will not come tonight.77. He will catch the train to London at 9 o’clock. 78. I will not come to class tomorrow.79. My grandmother will visit us on Saturday.80. Will you stay at home this weekend?Unit 11C. SPEAKINGA. PHONETICS1. How are2. very modern3. clean energy/ solar energy4. TV programmes from space 5. do all the housework (around our houses)I./a:/D. READING/`/car; calm; start; castle; aren”t; park;II. 1. C2. A3. DI. 1. C2. A3. B4. C5. AII. 1. B2. C3. C4. D5. BIII. 1. Smart bed: it controls the temperature; it makes me a cup of tea.2. Smart mirror: it speaks to me.3. Smart shower: it stops after five minutes; it speaks to my sister.4. Smart fridge: it orders our food; it speaks to my family.5. Smart TV: it doesn’t listen to other people.6. Smart robot: it looks after my dog.IV. 1. Everything will be different in 20 years.2. They will talk to all the machines in our kitchen.hand; fat; map; rapid; natural; man4. C5. AB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARI.Reducewaste; dirty water;kitchen wasteReuseplastic bags; old newspapers;plastic; rubber; rubber;cotton; old clothes; inkII. 1. will buy 2. will go27283. needRecyclewaste; waste paper; bottles; emptycans; rubbish; plastic; metal;glass; batteries; dirty water;engine oil; aluminum; iron4. won”t write5. won”t be 6. will doIII. 1. miss – will take2. don’t eat – will lend4. doesn’t stop – will have 5. are – will run7. will see – go8. will come – rentIV. 1. e 2. h3. a4. g5. b 6. c7. d3. help – will lend6. will go – invite8. fC. SPEAKINGI. 1. You can reuse it.3. you save fifteen to twenty percent of the water5. fill it with water2. What for?4. You put the bottle in the bathroom6. It saves water.D. READINGI. 1. discussion 2. surprised3. thrown4. recycling5. requires6. waste7. labor8. resources 9. ton10. preservedII. 1. Eco homes don’t produce dangerous gases.2. Eco homes use electricity. (There are solar panels to make electricity for the lights,DVD players, and computers.)3. The house was very cheap to build.4. The eco home has wooden floors.5. John and Kathy grow vegetables on top of the house.III. 1. They used stone and mud to build the hotel.2. They give us light in the day, so we don’t use electric lights.3. Because they don’t want to damage the environment.4. You can see lots of local wildlife.5. You can enjoy a boat trip on the lake, see the amazing waterfalls, or visit the beautiful caves.E. WRITING52. Ann: Dad and I are taking all our garbage to the recycling center.53. Jack: Can my sister and I come with you? We have lots of garbage, too.54. Ann: Sure. We’re leaving at two o’clock. Let’s meet outside your house.55. Jack:It’s OK. See you then.56. more57. calling58. coming59. recycle60. for61. chemicals62. important63. fly64. remove65. should66. B67. B68. D69. A70. C71. About twenty million paper bags and newspapers are screwed and thrown away every day.72. They have had plans to recycle waste paper.73. Paper mills recycle as much as sixty percent of waste paper.74. They take away the ink, crush it up and make it into pulp again.75. Twelve trees can be saved for every ton of recycled newsprint.76. We should try to recycle rubbish.77. Don’t throw the plastic bags because you can reuse them.78. You should use reusable bags when you go shopping.79. If the river is polluted, fish will die.80. If people cycle more, there will be less pollution.Unit 12A. PHONETICS/01/toy; noise; boy; soil; voice; boil; coinI. 1. C2. E3. A4. B5. DII. 1. If we plant more trees, our neighbourhood will be greener.2. If we cycle to school every day, we will keep the air clean and fresh.3. If we keep hunting animals, they will disappear soon.4. If we cut down all the trees, there will be floods.5. If we use buses, we will reduce pollution./a$/cow; flower; our; south; pound; how; town;shout; now; house; out; round; soundB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMARTEST (UNIT 11)1. A2. A3. A4. A5. D6. D7. B8. D9. D 10. A11. B12. A13. B14. B15. A16. D17. D18. B19. C 20. B21. D22. B23. B24. B25. D26. B27. D28. D29. C 30. C31. Deforestation 32. Recycling33. leave34. polluted35. recycle36. electricity37. save38. reduce39. bin40. think41. If wee plant more trees, the air will be fresher.42. If we use fewer cars, we will reduce pollution.43. If we cycle to school every day, we will keep fitter.44. If we use recycled products, we will save money.45. If people throw rubbish into the right bin, they will keep the environment clean.46. If we turn off the tap when brushing the teeth, we will save a lot of water.47. If we travel more by public transport, the harmful gases in big cities will be reduced.48. If we start at 6.00, we will arrive there before noon.49. If the boy eats so may green apples, he will be ill.50. If we use reusable bags for shopping, we will reduce waste.51. Jack: What are you doing this afternoon?29I. 1. recognize: faces; voices; the place2. do: homework; laundry; hair; housework; something; this3. make: bed; breakfast; furniture; coffee; own clothes; cakes; mistakes; a phone call;suggestions; a desk4. understand: the idea; the lecture; this song5. lift: heavy boxes; the baby; cartons; suitcases6. guard: the factory; the palace; our houseII.Types of robots What they can doHome robotscook our meals, feed babies, guard our house all day, control homeappliances, take care of the gardenTeachinggive lessons, correct homework, help students with their homework,robotswrite poems, explain the lessons againWorker robots make cars, find new materials, make new medicines, design newmachines, work in the minesDoctor robotslook after the patients, take care of the garden, give us medicines whenwe are sick, take our temperaturesSpace robotsbuild new space stations, build cities on Mars, build houses on the moonHome robots will be able to cook our meals, feed babies, guard our house all day, controlhome appliances, and take care of the garden.Teaching robots will be able to give lessons, correct homework, help students with theirhomework, write poems, and explain the lessons again.30Worker robots will be able to make cars, find new materials, make new medicines, designnew machines, and work in the mines.Doctor robots will be able to look after the patients, give us medicines when we are sick, andtake our temperatures.Space robots will be able to build new space stations, build cities on Mars, and build houseson the moon.III. 1. Could you write your name when you were two?2. Could you walk when you were one?3. Could you count to ten when you were three?4. Could you speak English when you were twelve?5. Could you ride a bike when you were ten?IV. 1. couldn”t go2. couldn”t find3. couldn”t finish4. couldn”t understand5. couldn”t hear 6. couldn”t listen7. couldn”t sleep8. couldn”t playC. SPEAKINGA: My robot could clean the floors and guard the house when I bought it. Now, it canrecognize the voice, and greet people in Vietnamese and English. In the future, I thinkmy robot will be able to understand people, and play football.B: Great! My robot could lift heavy boxes, and take care of the garden when I bought it.Now it can control the temperatures of the house, and wash vegetables. In the future, Ithink my robot will be able to play the piano, and cook meals.D. READINGI. 1. True2. True3. True4. False5. FalseII. 1. Now we are on the fifth generation of robots.2. They can work in situations that are dangerous or harmful for human workers.3. A computer makes a robot brain.4. Because there will be fewer people looking for jobs.5. These changes are good: robots must improve, not harm, the quality of human life.III. 1. They can put the parts of the cars together.2. Because it is ‘dull, dirty and dangerous’ – DDD.3. Because these places are very dangerous for people, or impossible for people to go to.4. People can programme them and then they wash clothes automatically.5. Yes, they can. For example, the dogs are made as toys for small children.E. WRITINGYour own answers.TEST (UNIT 12)54. for55. guard56. Is that right57. I certainly agree with you58. What about59. I don’t think so60. That’s right, Tom61. B62. A63. D64. A65. D66. False67. False68. True69. True 70. True71. True72. True73. False74. True 75. True76. Robots will be able to not only talk with/ to people but also understand what th

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