(Pdf) Cambridge Ielts 11 With Pdf, Audio, And Answers (Academic Module)

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Start to prepare for IELTS exam by answering the previous exams.

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IELTS Cambridge book series is a helpful one that will give you a hint about the real IELTS exam.

Cambridge series is a group of books “13 book” containing previous IELTS exams with its answers and each book contains four exams.

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As you Know there are two exam modules: Academic and General training.

From the Cambridge book number 11, there is a separate book for each module, one for General and a separate one for Academic:

Cambridge IELTS 11 : academic student’s book with answers: authentic examination papers.Cambridge IELTS 11 : general student’s book with answers: authentic examination papers

Each book contains four complete IELTS tests for training, and each exam contains four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

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The books contain also an audioscripts to conversations, as well as writing samples written by IELTS tutors to make you familiar with the writing section in the real exam.

And now, here are direct links to get Cambridge IELTS 11 academic & Cambridge IELTS 11 general pdf + audio CD on Amazon

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