Aspen Hysys 7 – Aspentech Announces Release Of Aspenone&#174 V7

Tried both the application. Extracted msi”s but both the main msi”s have issues.

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They are not getting installed.

For Process Modelling the extracted msi didn”t get installed it shows an error in event vwr related to Idriver

For Economic Evaluation it shows an error that this msi cannot be installed directly in this OS. Please use setup.exe, I”ve created a property ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 and even though it shows the same error. I”ve created verbose log and return value 3 is not there in the log.

Is there anyone who did these aspentech hysys applications?

If so please help me n thanq in advance…

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Maybe you just have to install some prerequisites to install the software? It could be that the msi failed because of missing prereqs? – tecrumors 7 years ago
I”ve installed all the pre-req eventhough it shows the same error. – vinodreddy10 7 years ago
Enable MSI logging with “voicewarmup” and run your setup executable.The resulting logs in %temp% should show you what parameters were passed to each MSI so you can pick out what you need to run them independently.Because you get an idriver error, it looks like it may need a version of the InstallShield Script Engine that setup is probably providing the install for and is missing from your system.If the vendor setup offers a logging switch (run it with “/?” to see what switches are available) use it to see if it sheds any light on what setup is running. – dunnpy 7 years ago

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Posted by: vinodreddy10 6 years ago





I remember that I”ve packaged this a long back.
Please set verbose logging before installing your source. Then install your source manually & check in temp folder for the Log Files created to the MSI”s. Check for CommanLine & ADDLOCAL in the logfile& use the same to install your MSI”s.
This is what I remember I”ve done.
Let me know if you have tried this or give a try.

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Posted by: CaTa_LySt 7 years ago


Silent Installation ofAspentech HYSYS 7.3.1

-Setting up the silent install requires that you run the setup.exe in the root of the DVD installation media from a network location (not a network drive).

You can put it on a network drive, but make sure that you access the drive using the full path rather than something like “K:folder1folder2file”

-Copy the contents of the DVD to a folder on appdist (this location will be stored in the generated XML file needed for the silent install…so pay attention to /dev or /prod).

I chose the folder install_media, which is outside of the data directory to avoid transfering the installation files twice.

-Add the registry key: HKLM/SOFTWARE/AspenTech/Setup/RECORDRESPONSE (its a string key…go ahead and set the value to 1. I”m pretty sure this “1” value isn”t needed, but let”s do it anyway.)

-Run the main setup.exe file from the root of the directory you created earlier.

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-Go through all of the options and software choices that you need, and proceed as normal. If prerequisite software gets installed and the startmenu items are created, something went wrong and the XML file was not captured.

-Go to the %tmp% directory. This is where the XML file was created. It should be labeled “Aspen Engineering V7.1 Install.xml”. It should be the only Aspen XML file there, so it won”t be hard to find.

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-Add the generated XML file as a parameter to the ATRunUnattended.exe program to launch the silent install process. (ATRunUnattended is located in the aspenONEV7.1dvd1/administration/Tools folder on the 1st DVD.)

-From here just plug everything into the normal file and you should be good to go.

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