Nơi Bán Family And Friends Special Edition Grade 5 Student Book

Kho tài liệu miễn phí của Ket-noi.com blog giáo dục, công nghệStarter:I”ve got brown hair.GfrlIl::b ~Numbers011-20WordsSchooLsubjectsSchooLroomsThis is my cousin.FamiLyCoLoursGrammarWhat / When havewe got …?We”ve got …our / theirWhere”s Billy?ToysPhonicsConsonantI visit …I don”t have …SpeciaL daysEverydayTimes ofthe dayWeatheractivitiesWhat”s the time?It”s o”clock.He at … o”clock.What”s the weatherlike?It”s …Put on / Don”t puton …bLends:fl pI blfL: flower flatpL: plum platebl: blanket bluebLends:cl 91 51cL: cloudgl:sl:activitiesbLends:dr tr crdrum dresstr: truck treecr: crayon crabConsonantWhat does he like?He likes / doesn”tlike …clockgloves glueslide slipperslong voweLs:a+magicelake facegate planelong voweLs:i+ magic ebike whitekite linenineThere is / are …Outdoorcan / can”tactivitiesSkillsdr:ConsonantAfter-schooLactivitiesAnimaLsReading:listening:a description on a web pageidentifyingschooL roomsWhat haveWe”ve got …Speaking:Writing:wegotincapitaL Letters, writingschooL subjectsR: informationthe art room?about my(WB)textsl: identifyingafter-schooL activitiess: I read a book. I don”t ride a bike.W: verbs, writing about what I do after schooL(WB)R: instructionsl: identifyingon makinga cardsuitabLe presents for peopLeaccordingto their preferencess: What does he like? He likes tennis.W: Long and short forms, writingaboutpresents for my mum (WB)R: informationl: listeningtextsfor time and activitiesS: He has breakfast.W: identifyingWh- questions,writingaboutmy day (WB)R: a weatherreportl: identifyingthe weather at certain timesfrom the weather reportS: It”s Monday. What”s the weather like?W: verbs and adjectives,weather(WB)writingabout thePresent continuous:What are youwearing?What”s he wearing?I”m / He”s wearing …Review 248Test practice 250Long vowels:0+ mogic enose bonerope homestoneR: a poem: “At the coach station”L: identifying people by their clothingS: What”s she wearing? She”s wearing …He”s wearing a red shirt. Who is it?W: writing the time, writing about my clothes(WB)Movers Reading and writingPresent continuous:CelebrationsGettingreadl,lWhat are you / theydoing?I”m/We”re/They”re …What”s he / shedoing?He”s / She”s …MemoriesPast simple:Tidying upI was / wasn”t …You were / weren”t …PeoplePast simple:OrdinalnumbersThere were some /weren”t any …IrregularpluralsLong vowels:u + magic eJune tubefLute cubeShort & long vowelscub cubetap tapepip pipeng/nkng: ring king swingnk: bank sink pinkR: a descriptive emailL: listening for detail to distinguish betweenphotosS: What”s he doing? He”s dancing.W: present continuous verbs, writing abouta party (WB)R: a newspaper articleL: identifying people by their feelings andappearanceS: He was a Lion (in the schooL pLay).W: and / or, writing about me and my friends(WB)R:afairytaleL: identifying actions and emotionsS: What”s Suzy doing? She”s …Is she sad? Na, she isn”t. She”s …W: irregular plurals,open day (WB)writing about a schoolStarter1 Listen and sing. ~012 Sing and do.Welcome songwelcome backWelcome back,To all our friends.It”s a happy day.Fun and learningNever end!A day for learning,A day for play!3 Listen and read. ~02This is my cousin, Tim.He”s got green eyes.1 Listento the story again and repeat.

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Act.2 CircleT (true) or F (false).1 Rosy”s got brown hair.0F2 Tim is Rosy”s brother.3 Tim”s got brown eyes.TF4 BiLLy”s got curly hair.5 Billy is four.TF6 Billy is under the bed.3 Listenand number. ~mumdadbrother03sistergrandmagrandpaauntunclecousin4 Point and say.longG>——————–/,…—————-,—–Remember3 Circle the verbs.I~myverbs are doing words.bike.~18football.1 I play tennis.2 I skate3 I ride a horse.4 I visitin the~park.my cousin.6 I do my homework.1 Listen, point and repeat.~252 Listen and chant.presentchocolate3 Listen and read. ~~26cakecard27It”s Billy”s birthday tomorrow.Let”s buy presents. What does he like?No. Billy doesn”tlike balloons.He”s scared of balloons.Billy is asleep now. Put hispresents here. It”s a surprise!Thank you for mypresents. I”m three now!

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