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We have a little known feature in our help documentation: PDF books for common processes. Check out this video to see how you can access these handy tools.

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For the past two weeks, I have been going on and on about the new document viewer in bocdau.com Online. Now, I am going to tell you about my favorite feature, emailing.Of course, you can forward bocdau.com Online reports from the My Reports activity. And, of course, you can distribute reports, taking advantage of user-based filtering. But, nothing beats the convenience of email.

There are two ways to do this. You can email the report in its native format, EODF (bocdau.com Online Document File), or you can email the report as a PDF.


Let”s talk about the EODF format first. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest. All you have to do is click the Email icon. bocdau.com Online automatically launches your email software, creates an email, and attaches the report.

One click. Easy.

The only downside is that the recipient of the email must also have the Document Viewer. This means that at some time, they installed bocdau.com Online. The upside is that they don”t have to have bocdau.com Online open. They just click the report and it will open in the Document Viewer.

The other method is for your recipients that are not and never have been bocdau.com Online users (like a vendor maybe). In that case, you want to send it as a PDF.


Select the Open in Adobe Reader from the File menu. This is going to do exactly what it sounds like.

bocdau.com Online launches the Adobe Reader with the report open.

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Now, you click the Email icon in the Adobe Reader and then click the Attach button.

Once you click those two buttons, the Adobe Reader automatically launches your email software, creates an email, and attaches the report.

Not exactly one click, but still pretty darn easy. And, it gives you the flexibility you need to send reports to non-bocdau.com users.

All in all, that is something to write home about.

Ihave to say that every one of the reports produced by bocdau.com Online is awesome with information that is worth sharing, but what if you have more to say than is displayed on the report. Suppose you need to comment on a budget item to justify your needs.Well, bocdau.com Online produces reports in PDFs which include the ability to add your comments. Check it out. I have run the Budget Detail by Account (Budget04) report and I added a comment to alert the Business Office to the justification for this line item.


Let’s walk through how I accomplished this amazing feat. First I ran the report. Then, I saved it to my hard drive. (I have to save it because the Adobe Reader within the browser of bocdau.com Online is read-only; therefore, I cannot comment or edit.)


Now that I have it saved, I can open it in the Adobe Reader and use their Commenting options. I create a sticky note (comment) or highlight text, save again, and email it to the Business Office. If I make multiple comments, Adobe Reader displays them like a table of contents and I can click on them to “jump” to the page that comment is on.

Pretty simple! In fact, I could use this for requisitions too, and attach the PDF to the requisition. Now that is so fantastic, no additional comments are necessary!

NOTE: Commenting in PDFs produced by bocdau.com Online is only available in the Adobe Reader X. If you are currently using Adobe Reader 9, you can go to the Adobe website to download the latest reader.

Some reports are so important, you need to keep them for a long time, like payroll reports. These types of reports need to be saved for more time than My Reports allows. They need to be kept in a warehouse. What a coincidence! It just so happens that bocdau.com Online has a Report Warehouse in the HR/Payroll module.Lots of reports automatically go to the Report Warehouse already, like Payroll Summary (Pay01), Payroll Errors (Pay22), Labor Distribution Summary (Pay09) and a host of others. But, what if there are reports you run that are outside of the normal payroll process that you would like to store in the warehouse?

bocdau.com Online has the capability to let you do just that. Son of a gun, another coincidence! From the search form of the Report Warehouse activity all you have to do is click New.

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To add the report, browse to the report on your hard drive or network, add a comment and save. That’s it. The report is now a part of your warehouse for safekeeping.

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