đáp án ioe lớp 11 vòng 2

Bài làm thi 1

Câu 1: You can watch the train going… from this window. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 2: …! I had no idea you were in Paris. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 3: Odd one out: – Ðáp án: C
Câu 4: Making friends … to be the hardest part in college to many people. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 5: A … friendship is a precious relationship. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 6: Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently: – Ðáp án: A
Câu 7: Linda’s boss made her … overtime last weekend. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 8: Could you please tell me the … for Southwater? – Ðáp án: C
Câu 9: She stood there and watched him … away. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 10: The children seem to be totally … of working quietly by themselves. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 11: The old man was requested … the briefcase by the custom officers. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 12: Susan would … study for her exam tomorrow. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 13: Odd one out: – Ðáp án: D
Câu 14: Is there anything here worth …? – Ðáp án: C
Câu 15: In this shop, you can try clothes … one of the changing cubicles. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 16: Remember … us a postcard when you get there. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 17: We regret … you that we can’t approve your suggestion. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 18: They let their children … up late at weekends. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 19: Choose the word that is different from the others in meaning: – Ðáp án: D
Câu 20: Some scientists spend most of their lives … at rocks. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 21: Peter is very funny. He makes me … a lot. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 22: Mai and Lan have been friends … school. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 23: At that time, no one had the … suspicion that she was a shoplifter. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 24: My alarm didn’t go off this morning. It needs …. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 25: The recent hurricane caused … damage. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 26: Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently: – Ðáp án: C
Câu 27: I’ve got enough food in the house, so I needn’t … to the shops tomorrow. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 28: I am sorry, … late. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 29: The children were eager … their parents. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 30: Choose the word that has different stress pattern: – Ðáp án: B
Câu 31: I don’t know much about farm work. I can’t … the transplanting. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 32: Nobody is ready to go, …? – Ðáp án: A
Câu 33: … food is more quintessentially Indian than basmati rice. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 34: My teacher arrived after I … for him for ten minutes. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 35: It’s important for her … the office. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 36: His health was seriously affected and he suffered from constant…. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 37: We were surprised … the way he behaves. It was quite out of character. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 38: My friend is on a diet since she wants to … weight. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 39: If you are … with your good, please contact us within ten days of receipt. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 40: Only when you grow up … the truth. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 41: Would you mind … the door? – Ðáp án: C
Câu 42: I’m on a … I want to lose some weight. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 43: I’d rather … at home. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 44: Many of us feel … of the dark. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 45: I saw Ann in a … report on TV last night. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 46: He… me by asking me stupid questions while I’m working. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 47: If anybody … question, please ask me after class. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 48: You don’t have to come to see my mother … you want to. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 49: The boss made … for a meeting after work. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 50: Don’t … the door. The paint is still wet. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 51: The man who will replace Mr. Stuart … yesterday. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 52: The teacher let them … the assignment in group. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 53: Have you ever considered … a pharmacist? – Ðáp án: C
Câu 54: It’s a horrible irony, but a bully has to know his victim well … effective. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 55: My dog loves to … in the sun. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 56: What do you hope … when you graduate? – Ðáp án: B
Câu 57: They noticed him … the agreement. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 58: They were furious … me for not telling them the truth. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 59: We must have the radio set …. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 60: The house … five rooms. – Ðáp án: A
Câu 61: Lan looks so happy. She … informed about the news. – Ðáp án: C
Câu 62: We are going for a picnic … the bad weather. – Ðáp án: D
Câu 63: The news is …. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 64: Choose the word that is different from the others in meaning: – Ðáp án: B
Câu 65: They would … go by plane than spend a week traveling by train.

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– Ðáp án: B
Câu 66: … English in a short time, we have to work hard day and night. – Ðáp án: B
Câu 67: Now I don’t work as hard as I …. – Ðáp án: B

Bài làm thi 2

Câu 1: Some of the roads in the city are now ***** construction. – Ðáp án: under
Câu 2: Please take a look ** this. – Ðáp án: at
Câu 3: If I had a lot of money, I ***** buy a car. – Ðáp án: would
Câu 4: Woody Guthrie finally died, but his project will help his name live **. – Ðáp án: on
Câu 5: Mary is ** intelligent that she can answer all the questions. – Ðáp án: so
Câu 6: Sarah is *** of my best friends. – Ðáp án: one
Câu 7: How much time **** she spend on maths every day? – Ðáp án: does
Câu 8: Please provide me your date ** birth. – Ðáp án: of
Câu 9: Empathy is the ability to put oneself ** another person’s situation to understand his feelings. – Ðáp án: in
Câu 10: I wish I ***** help you with this exercise, but I’m afraid I can’t. – Ðáp án: could
Câu 11: Helen is *** sensitive to listen to these offensive comments. – Ðáp án: too
Câu 12: The woman stared at me **** an angry expression. – Ðáp án: with
Câu 13: His health is getting better *** better. – Ðáp án: and
Câu 14: He will fail the exam ****** he studies harder. – Ðáp án: unless
Câu 15: Lan loves Nam?s ***** of humour. – Ðáp án: sense
Câu 16: My brother is interested in ***** scientific research. – Ðáp án: doing
Câu 17: Minh and Long have been friends ***** they were children. – Ðáp án: since
Câu 18: The police stopped me to ask a *** of questions about the car. – Ðáp án: lot
Câu 19: It’s a story told in six hundred pages and it took me six weeks to read the w**** book. – Ðáp án: hole
Câu 20: Minh always helps his friends out ** difficulties. – Ðáp án: of
Câu 21: These boys seem to be incapable ** working independently. – Ðáp án: of
Câu 22: Did Joseph high school really close **** because of budget cut? – Ðáp án: down
Câu 23: She doesn’t want him ** know where she lives. – Ðáp án: to
Câu 24: I wonder ** he will ever return home after going to Paris. – Ðáp án: if
Câu 25: I’m absolutely starving as I haven’t eaten *** day. – Ðáp án: all
Câu 26: John asked me **** that word meant in English. – Ðáp án: what
Câu 27: There is always a mutual truth between me *** my best friend. – Ðáp án: and
Câu 28: Do I have to pay in cash or ** cheque? – Ðáp án: by
Câu 29: How long have you known each *****? – Ðáp án: other
Câu 30: Peter told me not to stay up **** and advised me to go to bed early. – Ðáp án: late
Câu 31: I often keep in ***** with my family through emails. – Ðáp án: touch
Câu 32: Laura said she had worked on the assignment ***** the day before. – Ðáp án: since
Câu 33: The pollution about ***** they were talking is getting worse. – Ðáp án: which
Câu 34: People *** talk too much can not keep a friend long. – Ðáp án: who
Câu 35: We met each other at a birthday party two years ***. – Ðáp án: ago
Câu 36: You can’t **** on him at all. He never does what he says he’ll do. – Ðáp án: rely
Câu 37: The more polluted air we breathe, *** weaker we get. – Ðáp án: the
Câu 38: The man ** the black hat is John Haward. – Ðáp án: in
Câu 39: The engineer ** whom our company relies is on holiday. – Ðáp án: on
Câu 40: He is always loyal ** his working principles. – Ðáp án: to
Câu 41: Ha Noi, *** capital of Vietnam, is very beautiful. – Ðáp án: the
Câu 42: He started to *** angry with his wife when she asked about his salary. – Ðáp án: get
Câu 43: It’s five years ***** they last saw their parents. – Ðáp án: since
Câu 44: You can’t compare my house and her house because hers is obviously larger than ****. – Ðáp án: mine
Câu 45: A friend in **** is a friend indeed. – Ðáp án: need
Câu 46: Peter said that he had **** living in London for four years. – Ðáp án: been
Câu 47: A beggar followed him and ***** for a coin. – Ðáp án: asked
Câu 48: I *** so nervous that I didn’t think I would pass the exams. – Ðáp án: was
Câu 49: His body-guard will keep him safe **** the crowd. – Ðáp án: from
Câu 50: She is *** short to reach the top shelf. – Ðáp án: too
Câu 51: I was very surprised to ******* a letter from you yesterday. – Ðáp án: receive
Câu 52: I felt the animal moving ****** me. – Ðáp án: toward
Câu 53: Peter’s family live in a small apartment ****looking the sea. – Ðáp án: over
Câu 54: Most teenagers like to **** computer games. – Ðáp án: play
Câu 55: Please **** on the fan, it is too hot in here! – Ðáp án: turn
Câu 56: John asked me ** I was interested in any kind of sports. – Ðáp án: if
Câu 57: How **** have you known each other? – Ðáp án: long
Câu 58: I could **** him a ride but he doesn’t live near me. – Ðáp án: give
Câu 59: ***** movie would you prefer to see? Romeo and Juliet or Titanic? – Ðáp án: Which
Câu 60: It’s a very simple question and I’m sure you’re quite ******* of answering it. – Ðáp án: capable
Câu 61: This is the house ** which I lived when I was young. – Ðáp án: in
Câu 62: The conductor asked them *** to smoke in the bus. – Ðáp án: not
Câu 63: **** a beautiful tree it is! – Ðáp án: What
Câu 64: Carol carefully placed the vase **on the table. – Ðáp án: up

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