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The KCM is hard at work to ensure Kentucky teachers have access to innovative professional development from home by offering free mini-sessions. Check out the MIT Sessions and the Classroom Teacher Sessions.

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Virtual Instruction Resources

To help teachers meet the challenges of remote teaching, the KCM is developing resources to be used in virtual math instruction. Find these virutal resources at KCM Resources for Virtual Math Instruction.


Math Resources for Families

Especially now with so many kids learning from home, parents need resources to engage their students in the fun of mathematics. The KCM provides a variety of resources to do just that on our Kentucky Family Math Resources website.


Math Fact Fluency Resources

The KCM has created a companion website for Math Fact Fluency: 60+ Games and Assessment Tools to Support Learning and Retention by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling. Access some of the games and assessment tools from the book at the Math Fact Fluency Site.


2021 KCM Conference

Session Recordings and Materials

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 KCM Conference. All of the sessions were recorded so if you weren”t able to attend them all or just want to see one again, you can do that now through next January.

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If you registered for the conference, you can access the session recordings and materials by logging into the Socio app using the instructions previously sent. The recordings and materials are found in the Program session entries.


2020 KCM Annual Report is Here!

The 2020 KCM Annual Report is ready for you! Check out all of the fabulous things that the KCM did during the year from July 2019 through June 2020.

Read It Now


KCM Sponsors Peg + Cat

The KCM has partnered with KET Kids to sponsor “Peg + Cat”, a TV program that teaches preschoolers to solve math problems. Join Peg, Cat and their friend Ramone as they encounter unexpected challenges that require arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

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See the Program Schedule


KCM Virtual

The KCM is hard at work to ensure Kentucky teachers have access to innovative professional development from home. This past spring we offered a series of mini-sessions aimed mainly at math intervention teachers. You can still get the materials and view the recorded session on the KCM Virtual site. Now through November 19th we are offering free mini-sessions for classroom teachers. You can view the sessions live or access the recordings on KCM Virtual PLEs for Classroom Teachers.


Family Math at Home

Lesley University”s Center for Mathematics Achievement in collaboration with the KCM have put together this resource guide for parents and caregivers to be able to support children”s mathematics learning at home during school closures for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Access the Guide

KNP Intervention Guide Open Access

At the KCM, we are working hard to ensure that teachers have the online resources they need during this time. The Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide features materials to assist your primary students in successfully developing numeracy. Please share!


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