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Passage 1: Let’s Go Bats

Questions 1-5 Which paragraph contains the following information

1. examples of wildlife other than bats which do not rely on vision to navigate by

Keywords: examples,other than bats, not rely on vision In paragraph B, the writer states : ” …How to find their way and find their prey in the absence of light.Bats are not the only creatures to face this difficulty today.Obviously….” Then the writer lists some names of insects and fishes in the following sentences. – navigate = find their way ,find their prey : to make or find a course or way/ find position/ direction you need to go – in the absence of light = do not rely on vision – other than bats = bats are not the only – other than = except/ different from => ANSWER: B

2. How early mammals avoided dying out

Keywords : how, mammals, avoided dying In paragraph A, the writer says : “It is probable that the nocturnal trades go way back in the ancestry of all mammals. In the time when …, our mammalian ancestors probably only managed to survive at all because they found ways of scraping a living at night” It can be inferred that finding ways of scraping a living at night is how early mammals avoided dying out– early mammals = our mammalian ancestors – avoided dying out= managed to survive – scraping a living=just finding enough food to eat and survive => ANSWER: A

3. Why bats hunt in the dark

Keywords: Why, hunt, dark In paragraph A, the writer argues : ” They hunt at night,and cannot use light to help them…You might say that this is a problem of their own making, one that they could avoid…. But the daytime economy is already heavily exploited by other creatures such as birds” This explains that bats hunt in the dark due to the “heavily exploited economy” during the daytime when, for example, birds catch insects. – in the dark=at night => ANSWER: A

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4. How a particular discovery has helped our understanding of bats

Keywords : how, discovery, understanding of bats In paragraph E, the writer explains : ” But the underlying mathematical theories of radar and sonar are very similar, and much of our scientific understanding of the details of what bats are doing has come from applying radar theory to them. The American zoologist, Donald Griffin, who was largely responsible for the discovery of sonar in bats, coined the term „echolocation‟ to cover both sonar and radar…”This means that radar theory helped our understanding of bats. => ANSWER: E

5. Early military uses of echolocation

Key words: military uses, echolocation In paragraph D, the writer says : ” After this technique had been invented, it was only a matter of time before weapons designers adapted it for the detection of submarines. Both sides in the Second World Warrelied heavily on these devices, under such codenames as Asdic (British) and Sonar…, which uses radio echoes rather than sound echoes.”This means that devices using radio echoes were used for military purposes, as they served in a war. The term „echolocation‟ was not known to the early pioneers, and was invented later, as the final paragraph explains. => ANSWER: D

Questions 6-9 Complete the summary

( Notice that from the title ” Facial Vison we can infer that information should be found in paragraph D.”)

6. In fact, the sensation is more similar to the way in which pain from a ….arm or leg might be felt.

Keywords: sensation, similar, pain , arm or leg In line 6 (paragraph D), the writer states : ” Experiments showed that, infact, facial vision is nothing to do with touch or the front of the face, although the sensation maybe referred to the sensation to thefront of the face, like the referred pain in a phantom limb.” – similar to=like – leg/arm=limb We need an adjective/ noun to modify “arm or leg “. In addition.” pain from a…arm or leg ” is corresponding to ” pain in a phantom limb” in the text, adding that we see no ” arm” or “leg ” in the text. So it can be inferred that “arm or leg” = limb, and we need ” phantom” to fill the gap. => ANSWER: Phantom

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7. The ability actually comes from perceiving … through ears.

Keywords : ability, actually, perceiving, through ears In the next sentence, the writer says : ” The sensation of facial vision, it turns out , really goes in through the ears.Blind people, without even being aware of the fact, are actually using echoes of their own footsteps…”This means that the sensation of facial vision, in fact, comes from using echoes through one‟s ears. ” The ability” refers to ” the sensation of facial vision” . => ANSWER: echoes

8. However, even before this was understood, the principle has been applied in the design of instruments which calculated the… of the seabed.

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Keywords : principle,instruments, calculated, seabed In the next sentence, the writer explains : ” Before this was discovered, engineers had already built instruments to exploit the principle, for example, to measure the depth of the sea under a ship.” + understood = discovered + calculate = measure + seabed = sea under a ship : the floor of the sea/ocean => ANSWER: depth

9. This was followed by a wartime application in devices for finding …

Keywords: wartime application, devices, finding In the next sentence, the writer says : ” After this technique had been invented, it was only a matter of time before weapons designers adapted it for the detection of submarines.” + this was followed = after + wartime application= weapons designers adapted it + finding = detection => ANSWER: submarines

Questions 10-13

10. Long before the invention of radar,…. had resulted in a sophisticated radar-like system in bats.

Keywords: Long before,invention, resulted in, in bats In paragraph E, the first sentence, the writer says : ” The Sonar and Radar pioneers didn‟t know it then, but all the world now knows that bats, or rather natural selection working on bats, had perfected the system tens of millions of years earlier, and their ” radar ” achieves feats of detection and navigation that would strike an engineer dumb with admiration. ”This means bats have a radar-like system due to natural selection. + the Sonar and Radar pioneers refer to the inventors of radar, corresponding to ” the invention of radar” + tens of millions of years earlier = long before + sophisticated= clever and complicated in the way that it works or is presented + “natural selection perfected the system” ,so we can infer that the system was “sophisticated” + the writer puts “radar ” in quotation marks, indicating that the system is “radar-like” => ANSWER: natural selection

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11. Radar is an inaccurate term when referring to bats because … are not used in their navigation system.

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Keywords: inaccurate, referring to bats, navigation system In paragraph E, the writer argues : ” It is technically incorrect to talk about bat ” radar”, since they do not use radio waves. This means that bats actually don‟t have radar, because they do not use radio waves, while radar does. + inaccurate= incorrect + referring to = talk about + because =since => ANSWER: radio waves

12. Radar and sonar are based on similar….

Keywords: radar and sonar, based, similar In paragraph E, the writersays : ” But the underlying mathematical theories of radar and sonar are very similar,…” This means that radar and sonar are based on mathematical theories which are almost the same. So it can be inferred that radar and sonar are based on similar mathematical theories + underlying = basic, fundamental => ANSWER: mathematical theories

13.The word ” echolocation ” was first used by someone working as a …

Keywords: echolocation, first, someone In paragraph E, the writer says: ” The American zoologistDonald Griffin, who was largely responsible for the …, coined the term ” echolocation” to cover both sonar and radar,…” + first used=coined => ANSWER: zoologist

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