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Mời các em học sinh luyện tập với Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7 Thí điểm Unit 7, 8 qua bài viết sau để cùng ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức hiệu quả. Tài liệu bài tập tiếng Anh 7 thí điểm này gồm 3 phần: Bài tập, Mini Test và Homework. Sau đây mời các em cùng làm bài nhé!

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Adj: -ing, -ed

1. This is an______________movie. I was afraid when watching it. FRIGHTEN

2. I was______________when I saw him dress totally in black.

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3. It is______________to meet you here. SURPRISE

4. My daughter felt________________at my gift on her birthday.

5. We are very______________about the upcoming trip on Sunday. EXCITE

6. How____________this book is!

7. You look______________. What has made you scared? Don”t worry! TERRIFY

8. This is the most______________game in the park.

9. He is a______________man. He is lazy and drunk all day. DISAPPOINT

10. We are completely______________because of failing the exam.

11. Are you______________in our new publication? INTEREST

12. This is the most_______________poem I have ever read.

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13. She felt_____________when hearing that she was turned down for the job. DEPRESS

14. Failing the interview is_______________.

15. What an______________actor! He makes the movie wonderful. AMAZE

16. Were you______________when she appeared suddenly?

17. I am______________with this work. It is the same everyday. BORE

18. How______________she is! She is always talking about silly things.

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19. Are you_____________with the result? SATISFY

20. The work is_____________and I am very happy.

Adj/ adv:

1. She smiled_____________when she met him again. HAPPY

2. You are______________because the train has just left. UNLUCKY

3. She is a______________student. She learns very____________. HARD

4. She can type very______________. QUICK

5. My brother walks______________to avoid making noise. QUIET

6. My sister can speak English_____________. FLUENT

Comparative of adj/ adv:

1. She is______________than me. LAZY

2. Anna runs_____________than John. SLOW

3. She works_____________than everyone. HARD

4. Noone can run_____________than Jack. FAST

5. My brother draws_____________than me. GOOD

6. She is______________at English than her sister. GOOD

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