How Can You Eat That Crap? — Acecook Hao Hao Hot And Sour With Shrimp Flavour

One of my feline compadres or I have had a particularly awesome start to the day as she has needed to go to the vets because she isn’t eating solid food and I have the workings of a bad throat, which is worrying as I am singing at a wedding this evening and have a heavy day of practise ahead of me. We are both sulking but she is now eating some prescription food with relish and I have decided to eat noodles.

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I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed some Vietnamese noodles before as far as I can remember and, strangely, these were bought from a Filipino shop. Hot and Sour Shrimp sounds like the workings of Thai Tom Yum so hopefully these will be right up my street!!

The noodles come with a plastic fork, some seasoned oil which is peppery and tastes of shallots and some soup base which looks like it’s mainly comprised of salt, sugar and MSG. I expect to be rather thirsty this afternoon after eating this cup of noodles!! The smell of the finished noodles as every so slightly sour with lime but otherwise rather bland. There is a lot of herbs in the broth and one is listed as saw-leaf herb which I’ve never heard of. Wikipedia calls it Culantro, Mexican coriander or long coriander. My interest is piqued, let’s give them a shot!

First off, the noodles are pretty good and, with a slight chew and crumbly texture, remind me of Japanese and Singaporean Cup Noodles. I do tend to really like thin, wheat noodles in cups and these don’t disappoint.

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There’s some garnish hidden in the noodles and I spotted a piece of sweetcorn, a couple of cubes of carrot and some bits of cabbage but none of this is listed on either the original or import ingredients. I would have like more as the texture of the different components is not bad at all.

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For me the star of the show is the broth. It is exactly what I hoped for and taste very similar to Vietnamese noodle soups that I’ve had out and prepared at home. It’s a little sweeter than Tom Yum but still has the sour lime zing. The different herbs add a nice complexity to the broth which I haven’t usually found in South Asian cup noodles.

I’m really happy with these noodles! Sure they aren’t the most attractive of noodles I’ve reviewed but they are among the most tasty. They have a slight peppery hit but not very spicy at all and somehow manage to be a little bit refreshing (and, yes, I know how stupid and pretentious that sounds). I would definitely eat these again and looking forward to Mrs HCYETC trying the vegetarian variety that I’ve got. Now, where’s that damn water?!?

Noodles – 7/10Garnish – 5/10 (Just wish there was significantly more!)Broth – 9/10Overall – 8/10

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